Renovating property in NSW

This guide is for people in NSW who are thinking about renovating their property. It gives information about approvals, safety, and resolving disputes.

Whether you opt to outsource a renovation to professionals or you do the owner-builder thing, there are multiple steps and stages to be aware of.

Researching what approvals you might need could influence your budget and how the work is to proceed.

From there, and once any neighbours are on side, you can plan your build and materials. This will inform a timeline, which in turn can help in finding available builders or trades people to undertake the work, where and when needed.

Depending on your circumstances, the renovation will also need to account for:

Plus, there's the possibility when things don't go according to plan that disputes arise. This could be between you and your neighbours or contractors. How these are resolved (or not) can make or break some renovation projects. 

So it's important to document as much as you can, and be clear on how any changes could impact your timeline, budget and existing approvals.