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Get ready for storm season

30 September 2020

NSW residents should prepare now for the potential increase in storms and floods between October and March.

The NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) reminds residents to get ready for the upcoming storm season by following these 5 steps:

  1. Know your risk. Think about the area you live in and the types of disasters that could affect you
  2. Plan now for what you will do. Talk with your friends or family and plan for what you will do if a disaster affects your area
  3. Prepare your home for storm or a flood. Prepare your home by doing general maintenance and checking your insurance
  4. Be aware. Find out how to prepare and what to do if there is a disaster in your area
  5. Look out for each other. Share information with your family, friends, neighbours and those who may need assistance. 

NSW SES also reminds residents not to drive, ride or walk through floodwaters.

In the last 8 months, NSW SES has received 500 rescue requests from people who have risked their lives by driving through floodwaters.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said there has been widespread flooding in NSW in the past few months. 

“You wouldn’t run into a bushfire, so we are asking the community to help NSW SES volunteers by never driving, walking or riding through floodwater – it is dangerous," Mr Elliott said.

“You put yourselves, and the people who come and save you, at risk.”  

Get Ready for the storm season and learn more about the five safety tips.

For emergency help in flood, storm and tsunami, call the NSW SES on 132 500

Stay up to date with official warnings.

Learn how NSW SES plans for floods and storms.

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