Statewide crackdown on illegal puppy factories

Published: 23 Oct 2020

A new taskforce will inspect puppy breeding facilities across NSW, making sure they meet the NSW Government’s animal welfare requirements.


The Puppy Factory Taskforce within the RSPCA will work with the NSW Police and intelligence officers to crackdown on the operators of illegal puppy factories.

Under the current rules, any breeder found to be doing the wrong thing will have their animals seized, receive fines up to $22,000 and jail time of up to 2 years for each offence.

The demand for pets during COVID-19 has led to an increase of reported puppy factories. Since 1 July 2020, there have been 22 puppy factory raids in NSW.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said puppy factories are in clear breach of the NSW Government’s animal protection laws. 

“Most pet owners would be horrified to find out their beloved pets came from a banned puppy factory, so these new measures will help to provide added comfort to those thinking of bringing a fury friend into their family,” Mr Marshall said.

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