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The NSW Government currently operates, or is implementing, a variety of identity-related initiatives. 

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Current NSW Government initiatives

The NSW Government currently operates, or is implementing, a variety of identity-related initiatives. Some of these are outlined below.

Financial yearProjectIdentity Priorities
OngoingNSW Identity Security Council (NSW ISC)
A whole-of-NSW-Government advisory body that provides government agencies with advice and solutions related to the security and integrity of identity information in NSW. The NSW ISC is responsible for the development of the NSW Identity Strategy.
Privacy, security, customer service, protection, equal access


Cyber Security NSW uplift

Cyber Security NSW is working with NSW Government clusters and agencies to provide assistance in awareness activities, incident response, intelligence, cyber security training and capability development.

Security, protection


Digital driver licence (DDL) and digital photo card

Recognition of the DDL as a proof-of-identity document and digitisation of the NSW Photo Card to allow similar

Customer service

Mandatory Notification of Data Breaches  Scheme  

The Department of Communities and Justice is working with the Department of Customer Service, NSW Health and the NSW Police Force to develop legislation to create a mandatory notification of data breaches scheme that would apply to NSW public sector agencies.

Privacy, security, customer service and protection

Tell Us Once Notification Service and MyServiceNSW account

Expansion of the functionality of the MyServiceNSW account to provide an authenticated digital identity and access to more NSW Government services online, and allow consent-based sharing to update information across multiple agencies simultaneously.

Customer service

Digital birth certificates

Digitisation of Australian birth certificates.

Security, protection, customer service

It's me

Reducing barriers to access to identity for those experiencing homelessness and other hardship.

Equal access

Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

Digitisation of WWCC renewal applications.

Customer service

MyServiceNSW integration

Access to education services via a MyServiceNSW account.

Customer service

Digital Identity

The NSW Government will explore the feasibility of acting as a digital identity provider to enable participation in government and industry digital identity ecosystems.

Customer service


Current Commonwealth Government initiatives

The NSW Government is a key stakeholder in various identity-related initiatives being progressed by the Commonwealth Government. Some of these projects are outlined below.

Financial yearProjectNSW involvementIdentity priorities

Document Verification Service

Automated verification of the authenticity of Commonwealth Government–issued documents (no biometric anchors).

ImplementedCustomer service, protection

Face Matching Services

Implementation of National Face Matching Services in NSW and other jurisdictions.

Implementation underwayPrivacy, protection, equal access

Digital Identity System

Implementation of a national digital identity system. Involves the introduction of legislation to provide authority for private sector and government entities to use the system.

Exploration underwayCustomer service

Trusted Digital Identity Framework v4 (TDIF)

The TDIF provides requirements for the proper operation of the Digital Identity System. It defines the roles and operating responsibilities of participants, and provides assurance about usability, privacy, security and interoperability of its processes and data.

Exploration underwayProtection, customer service
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