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Identity is not just a concern for individuals; it is also a critical part of running a business.

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Industry and other stakeholders are beginning to develop their own identity solutions. This strategy is a cornerstone of providing businesses and industry with safer, consistent and predictable interactions with both government and customers.

Reliability when working with government

More and more businesses are moving towards digital service delivery. There is a growing demand for modern identity verification solutions that allow businesses to confidently and easily interact with their customers.

The timely delivery of this strategy provides industry and other stakeholders with a clear understanding of the standards they should apply to their own identity solutions, digital or otherwise.

To deliver ongoing benefits to the state’s people and businesses, the NSW Government will uphold and apply the NSW Identity Priorities.

The priorities will provide a consistent and reliable benchmark when working with various stakeholders.

Customers will also have a better understanding of the minimum requirements they should expect of any identity solutions they choose to use when interacting with businesses and the government.

It is important for new identity products and services to be secure and private, while also being easy to use.

Reducing fraud

A strong identity system not only keeps people safe, but also gives businesses in the community confidence to operate and provide customers with goods and services.

The private sector and industry rely on government-issued identity and transactional documents to confirm who their customers are. They often bear the costs associated with identity crime and fraud. For example, when your credit card details are stolen and are used to make fraudulent transactions, your bank often returns the funds to your account.

A strong identity system that is secure and private reduces the opportunities for criminals to steal identity information in the first place, and to subsequently commit identity fraud. Making it difficult for criminals to lie about who they are means the NSW Government can better protect the businesses of NSW.

Making things simpler

Clever identity solutions can make it easier for businesses as well as customers. For example, modern identity verification mechanisms can reduce the need for businesses to collect copies of identity documents.

This means that they can spend less on data storage, have quicker
transactions, and no longer need to worry about routinely disposing of the identity information of their customers.

The NSW Government welcomes the opportunity provided by this strategy to collaborate with businesses, industry and other stakeholders to develop a world-class identity environment in NSW.

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