NSW identity priorities

The NSW identity priorities provide government with a consistent framework for all identity products and services to ensure the best outcomes for the people of NSW.

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The NSW Government is committed to putting the privacy of its customers first. Identity-related initiatives will:

  • provide customers with better control over their personal information
  • reduce duplication of identity information held across agencies
  • help minimise over-collection of personal information
  • prioritise consent-based information sharing using appropriate techniques
  • notify citizens when there has been a serious breach of their personal information
  • have strong governance, audit and compliance regimes to limit unauthorised access by employees.

The way the NSW Government handles personal information is governed by legislation. 


Personal information is being collected and used online more often. This has led to increasing vulnerabilities to cyber attacks and identity theft. NSW Government identity- related initiatives will:

  • keep information secure at collection, transmission, use, storage or destruction
  • ensure underlying systems and databases are cyber secure
  • ensure online accounts are appropriately protected
  • align with the NSW and Australian cyber security strategies.

This will ensure the NSW Government provides secure, trusted and resilient services in an evolving digital environment, both face to face and online.

Customer service

The Premier’s Priorities Government made easy and World-class public service reflect the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver better experiences for citizens. Strong identity management practices support these initiatives.

NSW Government identity-related initiatives will:

  • provide an excellent customer service experience
  • provide efficiencies in service delivery without compromising on privacy or security
  • make customers’ lives easier.

The NSW Government will make use of new technology, safely and security, to bring you easier, faster services.


The protection of identity information is a shared responsibility of individuals, government and businesses.

Identity theft and the misuse of that information are key enablers of serious and organised crime.

NSW Government identity-related initiatives will:

  • actively work to minimise vulnerabilities that provide opportunities for criminals
  • provide mechanisms to help restore the security of your identity if it is compromised.

The NSW Government is committed to the better protection and support of NSW customers.

Equal access

The rise of digital identity provides significant opportunities.
However, it can create barriers to access for vulnerable groups due to the need for internet access and digital devices.

There are also members of the community who choose not to use online pathways.

The NSW Government will:

  • provide equal access to secure and efficient identity products and services
  • provide alternative, non-digital identification and service delivery pathways
  • give the people of NSW genuine choice when interacting with government.

The NSW Government will continue to offer pathways for those experiencing financial hardship.

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