OneCX program: Strategy and roadmap

Overview of strategy and roadmap for the OneCX program of work

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Vision and objectives

Creating a unified and customer-centric digital experience for people in NSW.

The roadmap

The roadmap outlines what we are working on now and what we plan to deliver in the future.

Scope of OneCX program

The program will incorporate content from many NSW Government websites into a customer-centric information architecture on

Assessment criteria

We prioritise website content to incorporate on to based on four factors.

Website performance reporting

The measurement strategy includes tracking website performance and the program’s progress to project objectives.

How to prepare to migrate to

Find out what your agency can do to prepare for your migration, and what to expect from the OneCX Program team.

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Should my content be on

Find out whether your agency's content is eligible to be part of the OneCX Program.

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