Vision and objectives

Creating a unified and customer-centric digital experience for people in NSW

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Our vision

We are improving the customer experience of NSW Government websites.

Our program of work aims to create a customer-centric digital experience based on customer needs.

Our whole-of-government website strategy will focus on creating better digital experiences for people in NSW by making it easier to:

  • complete specific tasks online in fewer clicks on fewer websites or in less time
  • find consistent information through search or by browsing customer-centric topics on one website
  • voice their opinion on what the government is doing through a central channel.

As more content is published on, there will be fewer websites centred around the structure of government.

Instead, digital information, services and transactions will be organised by customer-centred topics on:

In some cases, information or agencies that meet certain criteria will maintain a separate digital presence.


In 2019, a review found more than 1000 NSW Government websites on 35 different content management systems. 

The audit highlighted that the government could:

  • create a better digital experience through consistent design, content and style
  • find cost efficiencies by reducing unnecessary duplication of functionality.

As a result, the NSW Government Digital Channels team developed the website OneCX program. 

Create a unified, customer-centric and innovative experience of NSW Government websites

We are creating a digital environment that enables customers to find information and complete tasks within an integrated environment. 

To achieve this objective we are developing:

  • user journeys centred around the customer needs, not the structure of government
  • consistent visual and experience language on, so customers don’t need to relearn how to use individual government websites
  • an improved search experience with fewer competing pages of duplicate or similar content
  • data-driven approaches to continually improve engaging and innovative content.

Generate cost savings for the NSW Government through de-duplication of costs to maintain websites

In addition to improving customer experience, we are focused on reducing costs by: 

  • reducing content duplication and its associated design, research and maintenance costs
  • reusing and repurposing common website functionality across multiple agencies.


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