Scope of OneCX program

Providing a better digital experience of customer-facing, informational websites.

The current program scope includes websites that are: 

  • customer-facing
  • informational (rather than transactional).

The OneCX program will deliver: 

  • a whole-of-government content strategy
  • consolidation of technology platforms
  • a relaunch of with a customer-centric information architecture (launched 15 April 2020)
  • improvement to digital capability across the NSW Public Sector.

What’s out of scope?

The key areas that are out of scope for this program are: 

  • intranets and other internal-facing digital products 
  • mobile apps
  • social media
  • custom tools or functionality that agencies would continue to maintain (as part of this work, we may develop an API to allow customers to access data from 
  • online transactions that would be on Service NSW 
  • websites that are exempt from the program. 
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