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The key customer archetypes and behaviours that will help us focus our content.

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To achieve a customer-centric approach to content, there is a shift away from a department of agency silo mindset.

Rather than developing variations of content to suit a single agency's specialised audience, content authoring on nsw.gov.au considers two key questions:

  • Which customer archetype is this content for?
  • What is their mindset?

Customer archetypes

  • Citizen – a person who is a resident of NSW
  • Business – a person who owns or is employed by a business operating in NSW, or who may like to work or do business in NSW
  • Visitor – a person who is visiting NSW from interstate or overseas
  • Public servant – a person who works for a NSW Government department or agency.

Customer mindsets

By categorising the behaviours or mindsets of the archetypes into three main tasks we can focus the content and design templates on supporting the key outcomes desired by the audience undertaking the task.

  • Do – completing a specific task based on occasion, event or circumstance
  • Seek – looking for information about a topic or service
  • Say – voicing an opinion on a government initiative or project, or providing feedback.
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