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I have committed to 12 key priorities that will make NSW an even better
place to live and work for you. Together, we can make it happen.


Right now, there are great things happening in NSW. The Premier's Priorities represent 12 of the 30 key policy priorities being actioned by my colleagues in government to make this state of ours even better.

Making it easier to start a business

Make NSW the easiest state to start a business

Business start-up investment creates jobs, boosts productivity and strengthens the economy, which helps ensure the NSW Government can fund services and infrastructure for the community.

A significant cause of concern and cost for new and existing businesses across the country is that regulatory requirements are overly complex and poorly understood.

To create a business-friendly environment for NSW entrepreneurs, the government will focus on reducing or removing barriers, costs and complexity and make regulatory obligations easier to understand and implement.

Encouraging business investment

Be the leading Australian state in business confidence

Strong business confidence enables NSW to attract and grow businesses, creating jobs and prosperity to improve living standards.

NSW has historically performed well on business confidence measures and, as the mining boom subsides, we will aggressively position the state as Australia’s prime location for business growth and investment.

Our focus will be to improve the ease of doing business in NSW, continue our historic levels of infrastructure investment and maintain fiscal discipline to provide certainty to business and improve business conditions.

Boosting apprenticeships

Increase the proportion of people completing apprenticeships and traineeships to 65% by 2019

Completing an apprenticeship is a valuable step in building a career in a highly skilled economy.

The government’s infrastructure projects will provide the state with a lasting legacy of a highly skilled workforce who received on-the-job training.

This legacy will be built by increasing the number of people completing their apprenticeship and going on to a rewarding career. The government will pursue a number of initiatives including working with infrastructure contractors, registered training organisations and other stakeholders to encourage apprenticeship completions.

Accelerating major project assessment

Halve the time taken to assess planning applications for State Significant Developments

Project assessment times for state significant proposals have been increasing from 598 days in 2008 to 1,089 days in 2014.

A more predictable, efficient and transparent system will be beneficial to all stakeholders. The government intends to halve the time taken to assess the most complex applications while ensuring the integrity and robustness of the assessment system.

Protecting our credit rating

Maintaining the AAA credit rating

NSW is one of only two states to currently retain a triple-A credit rating. It is critical that the government continues to implement comprehensive financial management strategies to maintain our strong fiscal position.

Delivering strong budgets

Expenditure growth to be less than revenue growth

Strong and sustainable budget management requires that total government spending does not exceed revenues.

The recent 2015-16 Budget delivers surpluses and ensures that annual expense growth remains below long-term average revenue growth. Effective expense growth management will be key to delivering strong budget results into the future.