Regional Events Acceleration Fund FAQs

What is the Regional Events Acceleration Fund?

The NSW Government’s Regional Events Acceleration Fund will attract and enhance major events hosted across regional NSW. The Regional Events Acceleration Fund focusses on attracting and supporting events such as major sporting fixtures that increase visitation, expenditure and length of visitor stay across regional NSW.

How much funding is available across regional NSW?

$20 million has been allocated to Round One of  the Regional Events Acceleration Fund from the NSW Government’s $2 billion Regional Growth Fund.

What types of events can access funding support?

The types of events eligible for funding include:

  • major sporting and lifestyle events
  • major food and beverage events
  • major music, art and culture festivals.
Who can apply for funding?

All applicants must be the event owner (i.e. own, or have secured the rights to the event and have the relevant approvals for the event), must be financially solvent and be a sole trader, company, incorporated association, or trust entity with an Australian Business Number (ABN).

What activities will the funding support?

There are two streams of funding available through the Regional Events Acceleration Fund:

  1. Stream One: Major Event Operations and Infrastructure. Applicants can apply for a minimum $50,000 up to a maximum of $200,000.
  2. Stream Two: Major Event Attraction and Enhancement. Applicants can apply for a minimum of $100,000. There is no cap on the maximum level of funding. The amount applied for should be considered in the context of value-for-money and the event’s capacity to deliver strong economic benefit to the host region.
What is the deadline to submit my application?

The program will open for funding applications from Tuesday, 23 February 2021 and will close at 5pm on Friday, 17 December 2021 or when the funding is fully committed. The funding will support events hosted between March 2021 and June 2022. Events that were successful in receiving funding for an event to be held during this period, but were forced to cancel due to COVID are eligible to host their event up until 30 June 2023.

Is there support available to help me with my funding application?

Yes, a range of resources and tools will be made available on this webpage to support potential applicants with their submissions, including a recorded webinar, application datasheet and landowner consent form. 

Staff from the Department of Regional NSW will also available to support applicants with their applications. Please contact or call 1300 679 673 to access this support.

I’d like to engage a videographer and photographer to capture content during my event and I will use this for marketing the event in the coming years. Can I apply for this?

The Regional Events Acceleration Fund is not designed to support consumer facing marketing and promotional activities. Event owners are encouraged to apply for funding through Destination NSW’s Regional Events Fund for this type of activity.

Can I apply for funding through the Major Event Attraction and Enhancement stream to ensure my event is viable and can go ahead, considering potential COVID-19 restrictions on crowd size?

Yes, event owners can apply for funding through Stream Two to ensure the major event can go ahead and be run successfully in line with COVID-19 regulations and any limits on public gatherings. 

Should I still apply if events are required to limit attendance due to COVID restrictions outlined within the NSW Public Health Orders?

Yes. All events will be required to be COVID-19 safe and funding support can still be provided in line with the Public Health Order requirements in place at the time the event is hosted.

My event is hosted in a border location, however most of the attendees will stay overnight in NSW. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, your event is eligible if you can demonstrate within your application at least 80 per cent of the event’s activity will be physically based in NSW, or at least 50 per cent of the economic benefit generated will occur in NSW.

Can I apply for funding if my event has already received funding from the NSW Government, for example through Destination NSW’s Regional Events Fund?

Yes, the program is complementary to other NSW Government event funding. Event owners are encouraged to apply for support through both funding programs. However, applicants need to show how the proposed Regional Events Acceleration Fund funded activities are distinct from the other NSW Government funded activities in their applications.

Do I need to make a co-contribution to apply for this funding?

No. While applicants are strongly encouraged to make a co-contribution towards the event, it is not an eligibility requirement.

Should I attach letters of support from my local council and the Destination Network?

Yes. Event organisers are encouraged to include letters of support from local stakeholders with their applications.

My event won’t attract over 5,000 people, however the benefits to our community and the broader region are significant. Can I still apply?

Yes, events with fewer than 5,000 attendees are eligible to apply if the event owner can provide evidence that the event is regionally significant and will generate economic benefit for regional NSW. Evidence to support regional significance could include daytrip and overnight visitation and/or national or international exposure for regional NSW through broadcast or other media coverage of the event. Applications should include letters of support from stakeholders such as the local council and the relevant Destination Network.

Are applicants required to provide an event management plan and what should it include?

Yes, applicants are required to submit an event management plan with their application. This plan should clearly outline the goals and objectives of your event, a delivery program and include clear strategies for measuring and evaluating visitation.

Can we purchase portable event infrastructure with the funding for use at our event in future years?

Applicants to Stream One seeking to purchase temporary event infrastructure must demonstrate that purchasing the equipment for future use is more economical than hiring it for a temporary period, noting that the benefits must be specific to the event that is the focus of the application.

Can multiple partner organisations apply for funding towards the same event in separate applications?

No, only one application can be submitted per event.

Do you need to submit quotes for the proposed event activities in your application?

Yes, all applications require supporting evidence in the form of quotes and detailed cost estimates for the event activity that you are seeking funding for.

Can funding be used for extra event management staff required to deliver the activity proposed within the application?

Yes. Stream One applicants can seek funding for additional event management staff required to deliver their event activity. The additional event management costs must be directly associated with the delivery of the funded event.

Can this funding be used for a new event in Regional NSW?

Stream Two supports the delivery of new major events in Regional NSW. The applicant must demonstrate the event is regionally significant and can attract over 5,000 people. Events that will attract fewer than 5,000 people can demonstrate they are regionally significant by providing strong evidence of economic benefit through visitation and by providing letters of support.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, additional fencing and seating is required at our event to be compliant. Are these costs eligible?

Yes, event owners can apply to Stream One for costs associated with hire temporary fencing and seating to ensure their major event can accommodate the attendees in line with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Can an event that is scheduled as part of a tour apply for funding?

Regular touring events (e.g. regional theatre programs and other events scheduled on a regular or recurring basis) are ineligible to apply, however individual major events which are part of a unique or one-off tour or series are eligible to apply and must submit a separate application for each event that is requesting funding. Each event must meet the Program’s eligibility and assessment criteria to be considered for funding. Multiple events submitted as part of a tour within one application are ineligible.

How long does the assessment process take?

Assessment of your application is estimated to take approximately 6 weeks, however please note that you may not receive a notification within the 6 week period. We strongly encourage applicants to submit applications as far in advance of the event as possible to allow for the assessment process to occur prior to the event being hosted.

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