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What is the Brand Framework

The Brand Framework sets the branding principles and categories for all NSW Government agencies, statutory bodies and other government entities.

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The Brand Framework will help improve customer experiences with NSW Government services and communications through greater consistency and clarity of branding.

Guidelines on how to apply the Brand Framework explain how to correctly apply branding to communications. Work to improve the guidelines is underway and will continue to be updated.

Our brand purpose

Driven by shared values, the NSW Government strives to promote and enable the collective common good. We aim to listen and learn from the communities we serve, pursuing the best outcomes and creating opportunities that benefit all.

While we are many departments, agencies and individuals, together we are focused on making a real and positive difference.

Whether for today or tomorrow, big or small, the changes we make and the work we do must always be done for the people, wellbeing, and wealth of our state.

Brand Framework principles 

Brand Framework principles set the direction for branding across the NSW Government to support customer-centric communications. 

  • Recognition - the NSW Government Waratah is the primary brand.
  • Identification - the NSW Government communications, services and products are easy for customers to identify.
  • Navigation - the NSW Government services and products are easy for customers to navigate and provide a consistent experience.
  • Accountability - the NSW Government receives recognition and is accountable for what it funds and delivers.

Benefits of the Brand Framework

NSW Government brand

When the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently across government services and communications, customers have an improved experience.

The NSW Government logo has high awareness and is viewed positively by communities. Our customers mostly associate it with quality service, trust, and being customer and future-focused. 

The NSW Government logo is relevant and meaningful to the people of NSW. There is a sense of pride, ownership and familiarity and it is seen to be a part of the community. 

Benefits to using the NSW Government brand include:

  • Unity and simplicity - combining all the state services under one, clear brand, helps connect the partners and organisations supported by the NSW Government.
  • Visibility - a clear identity allows us to increase awareness and recognition of government services for the community.
  • Transparency - clearly displaying the brand on NSW Government funded projects helps citizens identify how taxpayer funds are being spent to provide services and initiatives.
  • Recognition - clearly displaying the NSW Government brand helps citizens identify how taxpayer funds are being spent and which services they can trust.

Brand Framework standards

The NSW Government brand is our primary brand. The NSW Government logo has high recognition and positive associations by customers.

When the NSW Government logo is used consistently on communication materials, it is easier for customers to identify and navigate NSW Government programs and services. 

The red Waratah version of the logo should always be used.

When there is a customer need for agencies and departments to be identified, text can be used.

The text must be separated from the NSW Government logo. Lockup logos cannot be used. 

Where there are two or more NSW Government agencies involved, use only one NSW Government logo.

In certain cases, a text acknowledgment may be included to detail agency involvement. In instances where exemptions have been permitted, another logo may appear.

All branding must follow the NSW Government Master brand category requirements.

Exemptions are discouraged, but may be granted where a clear rationale and evidence identifying a strong customer need is identified.

Brand Framework categories

Master brand category

Brands in this category provide services, initiatives and support to the people of NSW. A strong visual connection to the NSW Government enables the people of NSW and stakeholders to easily identity NSW Government services, initiatives and activities. 

Examples of brands in this category include NSW Government: 

  • entities 
  • departments
  • agencies 
  • programs
  • campaigns
  • services
  • events
  • projects.

Master brand guidelines 

  • The NSW Government logo is the only logo used 
  • The design of communications must follow the NSW Government visual style and associated guidelines 
  • When there is a customer need for program titles or campaign names, these must be used as plain text separate from the NSW Government logo.

All NSW Government communications must follow the requirements of the Master brand category unless a formal exemption has been granted by the Minister for Digital, Minister for Customer Service.

Brand exemption categories

Brands that require an exemption from the Master brand category of the Brand Framework must request a formal exemption by the Minister for Digital, Minister for Customer Service in one of the following brand exemption categories.

Once an exemption has been granted, the requirements of the brand category must be followed when applying branding to communications. 


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