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Tools for change

We have written and spoken often about the changing landscape in the NSW construction industry.

The soon-to-be-introduced multi-party risk rating tool coupled with a single view of project (SVoP) tool will be a game changer for those building and buying residential apartments in NSW.

Trustworthy players welcome these new tools as they will simply illuminate their good practices and governance and, at the same time, shine a light on those damaging the industry brand.

They'll be named and shamed

The rating tool will provide us with powerful insights into the trustworthiness of the key players delivering apartments in NSW, and provide the same market intelligence to project financiers, insurers and client advisers.

The SVoP tool will enable our inspectors to view a construction site through a lens of digital data, and focus on those with the lowest ratings.

By the end of 2022, we'll have completed more than 200 occupation certificate audits.

The risky players can't survive in this environment. Their short cuts will be quickly identified.

They'll be named and shamed. We won't hesitate to publish case studies of those who do the industry harm.

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