COVID-19 Safety Plans

Businesses and organisations can use Safety Plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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COVID Safe Check-In is no longer available

Business QR code posters and signage should be removed from display.  

Some high-risk settings such as hospitals may continue to use their own QR code check-in systems.  

Protect your business and your community

Maintain your COVID-19 Safety Plan

Under work health and safety laws, all employers or businesses must manage the risk of COVID-19 to workers and customers.

COVID-19 Safety Plans show what actions you will take to minimise the risk of a person with COVID-19 entering your workplace and spreading it to other people. 

Notifying SafeWork of a COVID-19 case

When a worker contracts COVID-19, SafeWork NSW must be notified if that person requires hospital treatment, or if they die.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist

Use this checklist to consider how you will mitigate COVID-19 risks in your workplace. The plan can then be downloaded and shared with your workers.

More resources to help your business

Posters and signage

The signs, posters, social media graphics and stickers in this toolkit help your business promote the accepted behaviours and new standards that protect everyone and stop the spread of COVID-19.

View posters and signage available to download

Keeping workers safe

Health and safety guidelines on how to minimise the risk of infection in your workplace, and how to protect the health and wellbeing of workers.

View information and industry resources

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  • For health concerns call Healthdirect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
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