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Restaurants and cafes (including food courts and other food and drink premises)

Resources and guidance for developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your restaurant or cafe (including food courts and other food and drink premises).

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Changes to customer record keeping for hospitality venues

As of 1 January 2021, all hospitality venues must use the NSW Government QR code system to keep a record of the name, contact number and entry time for all staff, dine-in customers and contractors.

How many people are allowed

Full details are provided in the physical distancing section of the COVID-19 Safety Plan.


Restaurants and cafes including food courts and other food and drink premises Maximum capacity summary

Capacity in regions outside of Greater Sydney must not exceed one customer per 2 square metres of publicly accessible space. In Greater Sydney, capacity must not exceed 300 patrons, OR one patron per 4 square metres of publicly accessible space, whichever is less.

Children count towards the capacity limit.

Note: ‘Greater Sydney’ means Greater Sydney as defined by the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 7) 2020.


There should be no dancefloors, except for weddings. Only the wedding party to a maximum of 20 are permitted.


COVID-19 Safety Plans and registration are mandatory for all food and drink premises except food courts

Under Public Health Orders, all restaurants and cafes including food courts and other food and drink premises must complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Complete the plan in consultation with your workers, then share it with them. Putting your plan into action will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and reassure your customers that they can safely visit your business.

Except for food courts, all venues must register as COVID Safe. Food courts should considering registering.

Keep your plan up to date

You may need to update the plan in the future, as restrictions and advice changes.

You will need to have an up to date plan at your premises at all times and be able to show it to an authorised officer if requested.

Your COVID-19 Safety Plan

You can either:

  • use the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan to address the checklist of matters for your restaurant, cafe or food court
  • keep using your existing plan, if you have one, after making sure it includes all the items in the provided COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan


Things to note:

Register as a COVID Safe business

If you've completed your COVID-19 Safety Plan, you can register as COVID Safe.

Register as a COVID Safe business

Translated COVID-19 Safety Plans

The English version of this COVID-19 Safety Plan was updated on 23 November 2020 based on advice from NSW Health under the current Public Health Order. The updated plan is currently being translated and will be available in Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese when complete.

For assistance in completing a Safety Plan, you can contact the Service NSW Business Concierge team. For translation assistance please call the National Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450, and ask them to call the Business Concierge on 13 77 88.

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