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When NSW eases restrictions in December 2021

NSW is following a clear path out of the pandemic and lockdowns.

Restrictions are expected to ease further from 1 December 2021, with changes including:

  • most venues moving to the 2sqm rule
  • people who are not fully vaccinated will have greater freedoms.

For all NSW citizens, regardless of your vaccination status

Masks COVID reopening icon

Masks and QR codes

  • Masks required only for public transport, planes and airports, and indoor front-of-house hospitality staff.
  • Masks no longer required in outdoor settings (including for front-of-house hospitality staff).
  • Proof of vaccination no longer required by Public Health Order.
Visiting COVID reopening icon

Visiting family and friends

  • No limit to number of visitors in your home.
  • No limit to number of people for informal outdoor gatherings and recreation.
  • All visitors to residents in aged care facilities and disability homes permitted in line with their policies.
An icon image depicting a person running.

Exercise and recreation

  • No person limit in gyms, indoor recreation and sporting facilities, density limits apply.
  • Indoor swimming pools reopen for all purposes.
  • Community sports permitted for all staff, spectators and participants.
An icon of a person with maths symbols representing working from home


  • Students already returned to face-to-face learning.
Restaurants hospitality shopping COVID reopening icon

Shopping and personal services

  • Non-critical retail reopens to all, density limits apply.
  • No person limit for personal services (including hairdressers, spas, beauty and nail salons, tattoo and massage parlours), density limits apply.
  • Sex on premises venues and sex services premises open with density limits of 1 person per 4sqm.
Restaurants COVID reopening icon

Restaurants and hospitality

  • No person limit in hospitality settings, density limits still apply.
  • Singing and dancing permitted indoors and outdoors.
  • Drinking indoors and outdoors may be seated or standing.
An icon of a person at a computer screen representing working from home.

Working from home

  • Employers allow staff to work from home at their discretion.
Events COVID reopening icon

Events and entertainment

  • No person limit for major recreation facilities (including stadiums, theme parks and race courses), subject to density limits  or 100% of fixed seated capacity.
  • No person limit for entertainment facilities (including cinemas and theatres), subject to density limits  or 100% of fixed seated capacity.
  • No person limit for information and education facilities (including art galleries, museums and libraries), density limits still apply.
  • No person limit for ticketed and seated outdoor public gatherings. COVID-19.
  • Safety Plans required for attendance over 1000.
  • Nightclubs and strip clubs open with density limit of 1 person per 4sqm. Drinking while standing and dancing permitted.
  • Amusement centres reopen with density limits.

Weddings and religious services COVID reopening icon

Weddings and religious services

  • Weddings permitted with no person limit, eating and drinking allowed while standing and dancing permitted, density limits still apply.
  • Funerals permitted with no person limit, and eating and drinking allowed while standing, density limits still apply.
  • Places of worship open with singing permitted by all, density limits still apply.
Travel COVID reopening icon

Travel and transport

  • Travel between Greater Sydney and Regional NSW permitted.
  • Carpooling permitted for all.
  • Caravan parks and camping grounds remain open (including for people who are not fully vaccinated).

About the roadmap

The roadmap may be fine-tuned as NSW Health monitors the COVID-19 situation over the coming weeks.

Density limits of 1 person per 2sqm indoor and outdoor areas apply to most activities listed above.

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