COVID-19 information Easy Read list of words

An Easy Read guide that explains what the bold words about COVID-19 mean.

A vaccine icon with an arrow pointing to a stack of records in a box with The Register on it.

Australian Immunisation Register (the Register)

The Register is a record of who has vaccinations in Australia.

A COVID-19 vaccine with a plus sign on it

Booster dose

A booster dose is an extra dose of a COVID‑19 vaccine.

A map of the Earth with an arrow curving around it. There is a COVID-19 icon on the arrow.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is a virus that has affected many people around the world.

A COVID-19 icon with arrows pointing in different directions

COVID-19 can spread:

  • easily

  • quickly.

Montage of two images. The first is an ID document with an arrow pointing at a man, the second is two ID documents and an information icon.

Identity documents

Identity documents are documents that:

  • show who you are

  • have your personal information on them.

We sometimes call them ‘I.D.’.

An immunisation history statement

Immunisation history statement

An immunisation history statement is a record of all the vaccinations you’ve had.

Montage of three images. The first is a document with the word tax on it and a dollar sign , the second is a document with the word medical and a health icon, the third is two women shaking hands and a goverment icon.


myGov is a website where you can get your:

  • tax information

  • medical information

  • other government services.

A map of the earth with three COVID-19 icons on it


A virus becomes a pandemic when it spreads quickly to lots of countries around the world.

lady asking what a PCR test is


PCR test

A PCR test is a way to check if you have COVID-19.

You need a form from your doctor to get a PCR test.

Clinic and hospital icons to symbolise staying safe from COVID-19

To get a PCR test, you will need to take your form to a clinic to get tested there.

Registered nurse, Sarah Stewart


A health care worker does the PCR test for you.

People 1.5 metres apart

Physical distancing

Physical distancing is when you stay at least 1.5 metres away from other people.

A smiling man with two thumbs up


Proof shows that something is:

  • true

  • real.

A rapid antigen test, COVID-19 icon and a question mark.

Rapid antigen test

A rapid antigen test is a fast way to check if you have COVID-19.

You can do a rapid antigen test at home.

A woman buying a rapid antigen test in a supermarket

You can buy rapid antigen tests at:

  • pharmacies

  • supermarkets.

woman drinking coffee seated inside house


Self-isolation helps stop the spread of COVID‑19.

Self-isolation is when you:

  • don't leave your house

  • don't see other people

  • don't have anyone visit your home.


Side effect

A side effect is something that happens to some people after they take medicine.

Cotton swab


A swab is a long stick with cotton on the end.

man coughing


A symptom is a sign that you might be sick.

You might:

  • see symptoms

  • feel symptoms.

A COVID-19 vaccine and needle


A vaccination is when you receive an injection of a vaccine.

This is done with a needle.

A montage of three images. The first is a man raising his first in the air and a COVID-19 vaccine, the second is a woman holding her hand out to stop someone and a COVID-19 icon, the third is a woman coughing next to a woman. Above them is an arrow with a COVID-19 icon on it that goes from the coughing woman to the other woman; there is also a cross next to the women.


A vaccine is medicine that:

  • helps people fight a virus if they come in contact with it

  • can stop people from getting very sick from the virus

  • can stop you from passing the virus to someone else.

A man looking unwell with virus icons


A virus is an illness or disease that can spread easily from one person to another person

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