Renew, transfer or cancel conditional registration

Find out how to renew, transfer or cancel conditional registration on non-standard vehicles. Renew online if your vehicle requires a suitable 'for safe use' declaration.

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Renewing conditional registration

You receive a renewal notice 4 to 6 weeks before your conditional registration is due.

Vehicles that can renew online

Online conditional registration renewal is only available to non-standard vehicles that require a Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration (PDF 355.96KB) declaration. Only 1 online registration renewal can be completed at a time.

When renewing online, you cannot make changes to the following details:

  • term of registration
  • CTP Class
  • conditions
  • area of operation
  • customer details.

You need to go in to a service centre if you need to make these changes and then you can renew registration.

Vehicles that can renew online can also renew via phone, in person or via post using the process below.

Vehicles that must renew in person or via post

If you are renewing a historic, classic, street rod or rally vehicle you cannot renew online and must renew using the following process.

Complete the declaration relevant to your vehicle. The declaration cannot be more than 42 days old.


  • in person – take the renewal notice and relevant documents to a service centre
  • by post – send your cheque or credit card authority, registration renewal notice and relevant declaration to: Service NSW, PO Box 21, Parkes NSW 2870.

Transferring conditional registration

You cannot transfer a conditional registration.

If you sell your vehicle, you must cancel the registration and return the number plates to a service centre. The new operator can then apply for conditional registration.

Cancelling conditional registration

Complete the 'Cancel Registration Advice' on the back of the vehicle’s Certificate of Registration and take it and the number plates to a service centre.

There is no cancellation fee, and no refund for the administration or number plate fees already paid.

You will receive a cancellation letter so you can apply for a refund for the unused part the compulsory third party (CTP) or green slip insurance premium. Contact QBE Insurance directly for refund requests.

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