Conditional and seasonal registration

Information for non-standard and agricultural vehicles. How to get, renew or cancel conditional or seasonal rego.

Apply for conditional registration

Find out how the conditional registration scheme works and which non-standard vehicles can be conditionally registered.

Renew, transfer or cancel conditional registration

Find out how to renew, transfer or cancel conditional registration on non-standard vehicles. Renew online if your vehicle requires a suitable 'for safe use' declaration.

Apply for seasonal registration

Find out how to get registration to cover seasonal needs such as harvests or the snow season.

Renew, transfer, convert or cancel seasonal registration

If you have seasonal registration for agricultural or oversnow vehicles, here's how to renew, transfer, cancel or convert your registration.

Specifications for equipment and fittings

Find out the minimum specifications that equipment and fittings must meet.

Vehicle sheets for conditional registration

Vehicle sheets tell you the minimum mandatory conditions for your non-standard vehicle. Only vehicles with vehicle sheets can apply for conditional registration.

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