Historic vehicle: Registration, uses and equipment

Find out about registration, acceptable uses and equipment requirements for historic vehicles.

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Historic vehicles registration

Historic vehicle

The following factors are considered when deciding an application for historic registration and the conditions that are applied to the registration:

  • The safety of:
    • the vehicle operator
    • the vehicle’s passengers (if any)
    • the vehicle mixing with other normal complying vehicles
    • the vehicle mixing with pedestrians.

Find out how to apply for registration for your historic vehicle.

Driver licence

To drive a historic vehicle you'll need a vehicle licence appropriate to the vehicle type.

Oversize vehicle operators

Vehicles that go beyond the dimension and weight limits must comply with the conditions of the relevant access notice or permit. To find out the conditions for:

  • for NSW permits contact Special Permits Unit on 1300 656 371
  • for interstate permits contact National Heavy Vehicle Regulator on 1300 696 487.

Vehicle requirements

The vehicle must comply with the relevant NSW vehicle standards:

  • Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 for light vehicles, or
  • Schedule 2 of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation (NSW) for heavy vehicles.

Applications must be accompanied by a Historic Vehicle Declaration.


For more information, see 


Historic and classic vehicle log book and club runs (PDF 124.46KB)


Conditions of use

Use only in conjunction with authorised club event or maintenance 
The name of the Transport for NSW recognised historic vehicle clubGO94 + free text
Historic and Classic vehicle log book – may be used for 60 days per year subject to log book conditionsFree text
Historic and Classic vehicle log book number XXXXXXX subject to conditionsFree text
Registered operator must be a member of an authorised motoring clubOL3
Left-hand drive – left-hand drive sign required
Note: Only applies to vehicles with GVM greater than 4.5 tonnes with left-hand drive steering fitted
Dual controls – dual control vehicle sign required
Note: Only applies to vehicle with dual controls fitted

Transport for NSW office use

Code TypeCode
Compulsory Third Party insurance class

Conditional registration - SVEH or TRLR

Unregistered Vehicle Permit - USVE or TLRL

Registration usagePRIV / PNSR
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