Registering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander births

Congratulations on your new bub. Registering their birth gives them the right start. Once you have registered your baby, you can apply for a birth certificate.

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Registering your bub

  • Is free
  • The hospital does not do it for you, it's your responsibility 
  • Register your bub within 60 days of birth
  • It's never too late to register your bub and you won't get in trouble if you miss the cutoff date. 

Register your bub online


Why it's important

After you register your baby's birth, you can then apply for a birth certificate.

A birth certificate is a proof of name and age document that makes it easier for your child to:

  • access health services like Medicare
  • enrol in daycare and school
  • take part in organised sport
  • open a bank account
  • get a driver's licence or passport
  • complete a Working with Children Check
  • receive government benefits.

You also need to register your baby if you are applying for certain government benefits like parental leave.

Watch the video below about the Our Kids Count campaign and registering your baby.

How to register your baby


Have your ID ready

Gather the identification items you will need. Find the ID list at Register your baby.


Complete the online application

Fill out the online registration form.

If you need help accessing a computer or completing the form, you can ask for help at a Service NSW Centre, or find a community event near you for assistance.


Submit your application

When you submit your application you can also choose to purchase a birth certificate.

If the fee for the birth certificate is a barrier, you can ask for assistance at a community event.

How to get help

Visit a Service Centre

Find your closest Service Centre and we can help you register in person.

Call us

Call us on 13 77 88 for help over the phone.

Let us know when you call if you would like your enquiry handled by an Indigenous staff member.

Attend an event

You can register your bub at a community event. We provide a limited number of free birth certificates at these events. 

Find an event near you.

Missing documentation

Stolen Generations

Sometimes it can be difficult to get copies of the documents you need to register your baby. For example, if you or your relatives were separated from family and culture through forced removal, being fostered, adopted or raised in an institution.

Help is available. Contact Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

Proof of Aboriginality

Some Indigenous-specific services, programs and grants ask you for proof of heritage. We do not provide certificates that confirm Aboriginality.

Visit the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) website to learn more.

Other helpful services

To get help, you can also speak with:

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