Give your child the best start in life

What happens during the first 2000 days your child’s life (pregnancy until their 5th birthday) has a huge impact on how they grow, develop and learn.

Brighter beginnings - baby taking first steps

NSW Government initiatives to support child development

The brain develops more rapidly, and we learn faster at this critical time than any other in our lives – with positive connections and experiences laying the foundations for a bright future.

There are almost 100,000 births per year in NSW. The Government is investing in the right support when families need it, to give all children in NSW the best start in life – no matter where they live or what their background is.

Find out more about support for child development. 

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For parents, careers and guardians


Step-by-step resources to help parents, carers and families navigate having a baby, their child’s health and development, enrolling in childcare, returning to work, getting financial and parenting support, and starting primary school.

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