Stronger Country Communities Fund Round 1 and 2 Process Evaluation

The Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF) Rounds 1 and 2 provided $200 million for social infrastructure projects to boost the liveability of local communities in regional NSW.

The Interim Process Evaluation assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of program activities relating to the program design, application, assessment and funding deed negotiation processes. The Final Process Evaluation considers if the program is delivering the projects as contracted and if the program is delivering infrastructure that would not have been built otherwise.

The findings of this process evaluation have been used to drive program improvements in subsequent rounds of SCCF. SCCF Round three incorporated changes to planning, design and implementation processes, with improvements to guidelines, application and assessment processes, extended application timeframes and improved communication with applicants about reporting obligations, project outcomes monitoring and reasons for funding decisions.

Date of Publication: April 2021


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