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Driving, boating and transport

Find out about NSW driving and boating licences, vehicle or vessel registration, how to buy or sell a car, road rules and public transport.

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Get the latest travel and transport advice and information about border restrictions and permits.

Read the COVID-19 travel and transport advice

Driving on NSW roads

Learn about NSW road rules and demerits, how to register your vehicle, get your driver licence, pay tolls, get traffic alerts and compare fuel prices.

Public transport

Plan your trip and learn how to travel on public transport across NSW. Find out how to pay your fare on public transport and book tickets for regional travel.

Boating and marine

How to apply for or renew a boating licence, fishing licence or vessel registration, find information about fishing, and staying safe on the water.

Buying or selling a car

The steps to buying a car, estimate the costs and transfer your rego or submit a notice of disposal.

Walking and cycling

Find information about active transport including walking, running and cycling. Find walking maps, cycle routes and bike parking lockers and sheds.

Taxi and hire vehicle

Find out about fares, your rights and responsibilities, safety and accessibility for taxis, hire cars, tourist services and rideshare services.
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