A tougher, smarter and safer criminal justice system

Published: 9 May 2017

Early guilty pleas, stronger sentencing options and stricter supervision of parolees will make communities safer.

The NSW Government has announced a series of justice reforms to create a tougher, smarter and safer NSW justice system.

“They will act as a cornerstone to building a safer state which means less crime in your local community,” Attorney General Mark Speakman said.

Faster, more certain justice

Under the reforms, courts will have stronger sentencing options.

Courts will consider the safety of the victim before imposing any community-based order and the most serious domestic violence offenders will still go to prison.

Encouraging early guilty pleas will help reduce court delays, allow victims to get on with their lives and return police to frontline duties.

A stronger parole system

Minister for Corrections David Elliott said the parole system was being strengthened.

More offenders on parole in the community will be actively supervised under tougher conditions designed to prevent reoffending.

The State Parole Authority can also decide “no body, no parole.”

“It must now take into account whether an offender sentenced for murder or manslaughter has disclosed the location of the victim’s remains, giving offenders an incentive to bring closure to victims’ families,” Mr Elliott said.

Courts will also consider an offender’s associations when making a decision on parole.

“An offender’s radicalisation would also be considered during parole, even if they are not serving a sentence for terrorism offences.”

The legislation is expected to be introduced into Parliament in the coming months.

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