Affordable housing program begins at Eveleigh

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Development of 88 new units and 39 car spaces has begun in a $33 million affordable housing program at North Eveleigh, due for completion in December 2014.

Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard said the NSW Government’s contribution to affordable housing is turning blueprint plans into a reality.

“The NSW Government is building for the future – over coming years Central to Eveleigh will produce jobs and housing in an environment perfectly suited to increased densities for people who love living in the inner city and the lifestyle it offers”, Mr Hazzard said.

“This building is not the end – there is another $24 million immediately available for affordable housing projects within the Central to Eveleigh rail revitalisation precinct, stretching from Cleveland St, Redfern to Macdonaldtown Station.

Mr Hazzard also said that whilst this development does not represent the answer to affordable housing in NSW, the government were looking to maximise Federal Government funding to aid future inner city housing development.

Affordable housing is defined as; housing for very low to moderate income households. Housing is considered affordable if people are able to pay their housing costs while being able to meet other basic needs, such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education. Rents are set at between 25% and 30% of household income.

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