Manage your speed on NSW roads with the Speed Adviser App

Published: 27 Sep 2016

More than 75,000 drivers have downloaded the Centre for Road Safety’s free App to access speed zone information and warnings across the New South Wales road network.

Speeding is the greatest cause of death and injuries on NSW roads, contributing to about 40 per cent of road fatalities - in speed related crashes - between 2008 and 2012.

The Centre for Road Safety's General Manager Marg Prendergast said the app is useful to drivers "if you want additional reminders of the speed limit, the Speed Adviser App provides audio alerts about speed limit changes, including when you enter a school zone or if you are speeding."

The Speed Adviser App works using GPS technology to locate the road a driver is travelling on, to monitor the speed they are travelling at. If a driver goes over the speed limit a noise alert will remind them to keep within the speed zone.

Download the App and learn more about its features:


Double demerits are in force this Easter Long Weekend from April 2 to 6 inclusive.

In NSW it is illegal to use a mobile phone held in your hand while you're driving. The Speed Adviser app - Terms and Conditions outlines compliant use.

Note: Learner and Provisional (P1) drivers are NOT permitted to use the app.

Learner and P1 drivers may not use a mobile phone unless the vehicle is parked.

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