More support for young offenders

Published: 26 Jul 2017

Additional caseworkers at Juvenile Justice will provide support, guidance and discipline to young offenders.

Twenty-two new caseworkers will assist detainees to reintegrate into the community after their release from custody, including access to housing, education, employment and health services.

The caseworkers will encourage detainees to fulfil their potential without offending.

Minister for Corrections David Elliott said while the number of young people in custody is decreasing, these offenders have complex needs and many of them have a psychological disorder and experienced trauma.

“If a detainee has a stable home, access to education or a job then there is a greater chance that they stay out of trouble and don’t return to custody,” Mr Elliott said.

The new caseworker roles follow a $1 million training and support package announced late last year to support frontline officers manage high-risk detainees.

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