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My Community Project is all about local ideas, local projects and local decisions.

The NSW Government is investing $24.6 million in 248 projects across NSW to help improve the wellbeing of the people and communities that live there.

My Community Project was the first community initiative funded by the NSW Generations Fund. It provided NSW residents with an opportunity to propose and vote for new projects in their local area.

The Government is reviewing options for future programs to be supported by the NSW Generations Fund.

People submitted great ideas to benefit local communities and 61,437 people voted for their favourite local projects.

Between $20,000 and $200,000 has been allocated to each successful project to make the community more liveable, cultural, accessible, safe, revitalised and healthy. 

My Community Project’s successful projects were announced in September 2019 and can be viewed on the My Community Project website.

Types of projects funded

Successful projects align with one or more of the six program categories:

  • Accessible communities – Makes everyday life more inclusive to all community members by increasing accessibility and mobility.
  • Cultural communities – Adds to the cultural and artistic life of the community by increasing opportunities for residents to participate in arts and cultural activities.
  • Healthy communities – Supports the community’s physical and mental wellbeing, by enabling healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Liveable communities – Improves local amenity and environment.
  • Revitalising communities – Fosters stronger community bonds, encourages social engagement and participation in public programs.
  • Safe communities – Promotes a safe and secure community where people can participate and enjoy the benefits of community life.

My Community Project is made possible by the NSW Generations Fund. The fund helps keep the state’s debt at a sustainable level, while sharing the benefit of its returns with the people of NSW by funding community projects.

Further information

Assessment of the applications

The NSW Government assessed more than 1800 applications against the eligibility criteria. Probity advisors supported the panel in their decision making.

The assessment involved:

  • confirming that the applicant, project sponsor and the project were eligible (as per the program guidelines)
  • validating the project scope, timings and budget were viable.

More than 1500 eligible projects were put up on the voting website.

How online voting worked

To vote, customers logged into their MyServiceNSW account.

To ensure people could only vote once, customers provided their residential address and Medicare number.

How votes were counted

Successful projects were determined through preferential voting.

Voters chose between 3 and 5 projects in their electorate and ranked projects in order of preference.

Based on the rank, points were awarded to each project as shown in the table below.

Position Points
1st (most preferred) 10
2nd 5
3rd 3
4th (optional) 2
5th (optional) 1

After voting closed, projects for each electorate were ranked based on the total number of points.

Projects that were funded

Funding has been allocated to 248 projects across NSW. Projects with the highest number of points in each electorate received funding.

In situations where an electorate had unused funds that could be put towards the next most popular project, and the balance of the cost of that project was less than 50 per cent of the unused funds, the difference was funded from the earnings of the NSW Generations Fund.

The NSW Government has allocated the funds in this way to maximise the number of projects within the total available funding.

Access to voting results

The results of the vote are published on the Service NSW website.

For each project, the grant received is available on the website.

Monitoring successful projects

The sponsor organisations is responsible for delivering the projects.

The NSW Government has entered into funding agreements with the sponsors.

The NSW Government will monitor the projects to ensure they are delivered within 12 months of the date the sponsor organisation signed the funding deed.

Project delivery

Projects must be completed within 12 months from the date the funding agreement was signed.

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