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Register your business as COVID Safe

Hospitality businesses receiving emails about changes to COVID Safe rules

On 19 November, the NSW Government sent an email to some NSW businesses about changes to mandatory COVID Safety rules for the hospitality industry that come into effect on Monday 23 November.  

This email was sent in error to some businesses. 

  • If you received an email incorrectly stating that your business is not yet registered as COVID Safe and your business is already registered as COVID Safe you don’t need to do anything further.  
  • If you are an alcohol retailer, such as a bottle shop, that received the email, note that you are not affected by the new mandatory COVID Safe rules for the hospitality industry. You do not need to register as COVID Safe or check-in customers electronically.  

 Bottle shops are still encouraged to look after the health of their customers and staff by completing and implementing a COVID-19 Safety Plan
See more information about which businesses are required to set up mandatory electronic customer check-in by Monday 23 November.

About registering as COVID Safe

To register your business as COVID Safe you must have completed a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Don't have one yet? Find a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your business

Business details

Enter the information for your place of business.

If your business has multiple premises, each will need to be registered separately by the person responsible for the COVID-19 Safety Plan at each location.

Use the name your customers will recognise (e.g. Sal’s Cafe) not your entity business name (Sal Trading Pty. Ltd).
Each place of business needs to be registered as separate, individual premises.
Each place of business needs to be registered as separate, individual premises.
Switch back to address lookup
Only numbers and spaces are allowed.
Refer to your COVID-19 Safety Plan for specific guidance on the maximum number of people allowed on the premises.

Your contact details

NSW Government agencies may use this information to contact you.

Before you submit your registration


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