SafeWork small business rebate popular items

A list of popular items that are eligible for the $1000 SafeWork small business rebate.

How to apply

Once you have looked at these popular items, apply for the small business rebate. 

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of serious injuries at work in NSW.  Slippery or poorly maintained floor surfaces or inadequate protection from falling from a height are the common causes.

Using anti-slip products and keeping workplaces clean and tidy helps. Installing fall prevention items is the best way to avoid serious injuries. 

Anti slip or trip items  

Image of anti slip flooring being applied in a workplace.
Example of anti slip flooring being installed.
  • anti-slip treading, matting
  • retractable hoses/leads
  • restraint supports to mount tools, cords, leads, hoses

 Improving working environment 

Man cleaning with a high pressure hose.
Example of pressure cleaners.
  • portable or battery powered lighting
  • entrance or exit lighting 
  • pressure cleaners 
  • portable generators

 Falls from a height

Man standing a ladder applying plaster on a new drywall installation.
Example of a portable ladder.
  • scaffolding
  • portable ladders 
  • void or pit covers 
  • physical restraint barriers and guard rail systems

Being hit by moving objects or isolated at work

There are many things in the workplace that can fall onto or hit someone and cause serious injury or even death. Installing animal restraint devices, falling object protective covers and having good traffic management systems can protect workers.

Being isolated at work in remote locations is a concern because the worker may be injured and unable to seek assistance.  In these scenarios, it's important to use appropriate safety items that are not reliant on regular telecommunications. 

On a farm 

Cattle being separated by metal fencing.
Example of livestock sliding segregation gate.
  • sliding segregation gate for livestock
  • cattle crush
  • lamb marking cradle 
  • head bales



On the job site

Worker's walkway inside aluminium processing plant.
Example of traffic management. 
  • vehicle load covers, cargo nets, tension straps
  • traffic management, signs or bollards 
  • restraint supports for tools

Isolated at work

Man working remotely using a two way radio
Example of two-way radio.
  • personal duress alarms
  • external security lighting
  • closed circuit TV (CCTV)
  • 2-way radios, EPIRBs, satellite phones 

Heavy lifting, carrying or doing the same task often

Muscular stress, disability or even death can be caused by handling very heavy items, doing the same task repetitively, over-reaching and sitting for too long.

Choose items that are designed to limit lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, moving or holding items. 

Lifting objects, people or animals 

A woman in a pink gown, mask and protective cap observes and gestures with one hand at a child with physical disabilities while helping him with rehabilitation to learn to stand up.
Example of adjustable examination table.
  • lifting devices (e.g. mechanical or magnetic)
  • forklifts and attachments
  • hoists, adjustable loading platforms
  • patient transfer device
  • ute or truck crane 

Carrying equipment and moving animals 

Young woman moves an empty pallet jack through an industrial hall.
Example of a pallet roller.
  • trolleys, pallet rollers
  • backpack industrial equipment
  • access ramps, tailgate lifters
  • rotary, tilting, adjustable or carousel tables and work benches
  • livestock chutes, overhead shearing


Muscle strain and stress 

Woman standing and working a ergonomic desk in modern office with colleagues working around.
Example of sit/stand desk equipment.
  • adjustable work stations and sit/stand desks
  • anti vibration or ergonomic vehicle seats 
  • anti-fatigue floor matting
  • adjustable work or examination tables (e.g. medical, veterinary


Moving machinery, plant or vehicles

Forklifts, vehicles, trucks, farming machinery, manufacturing equipment and electronic mixers have the potential to seriously injure or cause death if they collide, trap or crush a person.  

Effective traffic and machinery management procedures should be developed for each individual workplace. 

Vehicles and trucks

Image of a worker in a parked forklift talking to a production manager
Example of a safe forklift 
  • warning and safety lights
  • corner vision or convex mirrors
  • cameras, sensors and alarms
  • pedestrian crossing, safety cones, barricades 


Hand pressing emergency stop button on a large manufacturing machine
Example of emergency stop switch.
  • machine guarding
  • emergency stop switches
  • power take off guards

On the farm

Farmer harvesting the crop with a tractor that has a cover over the top of the tractor
Example of rollover protection on a tractor.
  • roll over protective structures 
  • side access steps or platforms
  • safety bar for wool press  

Hazardous noise, chemicals and sun exposure 

Too much exposure to noise at work can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. There are many controls you can put in place to protect worker's from exposure to hazardous noise. 

Harmful exposure to chemicals is 100% preventable. Without the proper handling and storage of chemicals, exposure can cause life threatening harm as well as other injuries.

Risks from heat and UV exposure for outdoor workers can be reduced. When planning working in hot conditions consider working under shade and shelter, rotating tasks, scheduling work to cooler times of the day and providing personal protective equipment and water.  

Hazardous noise

Worker wearing noise protection operating machinery
Example of hearing protection
  • personalised over ear hearing protection
  • soundproof covers for noisy machinery 
  • sound absorbent surfaces, barriers or screens 

Chemicals and dangerous goods

Image of chemicals spill kit in a workplace
Example of chemicals spill kit
  • air filtering for machinery
  • class H or M hazardous dust vacuum cleaners
  • bunding or spill kit containment systems
  • chemicals or DGs storage cabinets 
  • real-time respirable crystalline silica detector.

Sun exposure 

Image of an awning blocking out the sun
Example of vehicle mounted awning 
  • Portable gazebo
  • Vehicle mounted awning
  • Built shade structure


To protect yourself and your workers from COVID-19, safety practices can be put in place to maintain good hygiene and limit exposure.  


Image of lady using wall mounded hand sanitiser
Example of wall mounted hand sanitiser
  • hand sanitiser stand
  • wall mounted sanitiser dispenser 


Bakery owner wiping down surfaces wearing mask
Example of cough and sneeze guard
  • sneeze and cough guard
  • warning signage (e.g. COVID-19 specific)
  • Floor decals (e.g. 'stand here') 


Image of someone using foot to operate hands free rubbish bin
Example of hands free rubbish bin
  • roller buckets
  • hands free rubbish bin
  • chemical storage cabinets 
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