COVID-19 booster doses

This is an Easy Read fact sheet about COVID-19 booster doses.


The NSW Government wrote this guide.

When you see the word ‘we’, it means the NSW Government.


We have written some words in bold.

This means the letters are thicker and darker.

We explain what these words mean.

Getting a booster dose


booster dose is an extra dose of 
a COVID-19 vaccine.



A booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine helps protect you from


  • Catching the virus


  • Getting very sick from the virus.

Who can get a booster dose?


You can get a booster dose if you


  • Are 16 years or older

Easy Read boost dose 3 months

  • Had your last vaccine dose at least 3 months ago.

man holding sign with number one

Some people need 1 booster dose.

Easy Read two dose vaccine bottle

Some people need 2 booster doses.

Person speaks to doctor


Your doctor can tell you how many booster doses you will need.

Fully vaccinated Easy Read word.

When you've had all the doses you need of a COVID-19 vaccine, we say you are up to date with your vaccinations.

Where can you get a booster dose?


You can call to book your booster dose.



You can also book your booster dose on our website.


You can get your booster dose


  • At a NSW Health vaccination clinic


  • From your doctor


  • At a pharmacy.


You can call the Disability Gateway if you need


  • To ask questions about your booster dose


  • Support to book your booster dose.

call centre operators assisting callers

You can call the Service NSW COVID 19 Helpline.

13 77 88


You can go to our website.

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