Customer Experience Unit

We work with NSW Government departments and agencies to ensure the customer is at the centre of policy and service design, funding, delivery and evaluation across the public sector.

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The Customer Experience Unit was previously known as the Customer Service Commission. This change of name follows the creation of the Department of Customer Service, of which we are part of.

The Secretary of the Department of Customer Service performs the functions of the former Customer Service Commissioner.

Our role

  • We lead the NSW Government’s customer service reform agenda, helping to ensure that anyone who lives, works, visits or invests in NSW has a great experience with government, no matter which agency they have contact with.
  • We are responsible for championing the Customer Commitments across the public sector.
  • We use insights from customer feedback, data and research to understand what our customers need so that we can make a difference.

Our work

A customer-centric government is one that recognises its people as customers and puts them at the centre of decision-making.

We work across government to deliver reforms that will improve outcomes for our customers and deliver services that are fast, fair, accessible, safe, transparent and empathetic.

Some of our work includes:

Living the Customer Commitments

The Customer Commitments are our promise to customers. We have used customer research and input from staff across the NSW Government to develop the Customer Commitments. The Commitments give a clear picture of what customers should expect when receiving government services.

We work with government agencies to embed these commitments into how the public service delivers services so that customers will feel a real difference in their day to day lives.

The Customer Commitments:

  • Easy to engage: Make it easy to access what I need. Make it simple for me to understand.
  • Act with empathy: Show you understand my situation. Treat me fairly and with respect. Provide service in my time of need.
  • Respect my time: Tell me what I need to know beforehand. Minimise the need for me to repeat myself. Make what I need to do straightforward.
  • Explain what to expect: Be clear about what steps are involved. Contact me when I need to know something. Let me know what the outcomes could be.
  • Resolve the situation: Be accountable for your actions. Be clear in decision-making. Reach an outcome.
  • Engage the community: Listen to the community to understand our needs. Ask how we want services delivered.
Identifying opportunities to improve service delivery

We investigate customer experience and satisfaction with government services at a whole-of-government level and uses these insights to identify where government can improve service delivery.

We carry out one in-depth annual survey that measures satisfaction with NSW Government services overall, as well as quarterly pulse check surveys. See the surveys under the 'Further information' section below.

We also research issues relating to service delivery that government agencies can use to improve existing services or develop new services.

Research to date has included:

  1. staff capability
  2. complaints
  3. privacy and digital security
  4. understanding our employees' views on improving customer service.
Life journeys

We map the full customer experience of significant life journeys, such as retirement and end of life. This has led to the creation of step-by-step online information services for significant life events.

Whether you’re starting a family or planning for retirement; starting school or getting your first job; suffering a serious injury or planning a funeral; renting property or dealing with a flood, these guides improve access to the many services the government can offer during these significant life events.

Read more about our work or visit the online guides.

Bringing government agencies together

We drive cross-cluster collaboration to deliver a more seamless experience for customers, because they shouldn’t need to understand how government works to access the services they need.

We also deliver tangible service improvements for customers by working with agencies on top customer priorities and the Premier’s Priorities.

Our results

We have worked with the NSW public sector to deliver for customers by making it easier to:

Case studies

We celebrate customer service excellence. The following case studies showcase key initiatives that have been delivered for our customers:

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