Manage your accreditation

Find out how to manage your teacher accreditation, including Leave of Absence, changing your accreditation status, Working With Children Checks, annual fee and appeals.

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We're improving our online experience so it's easier for you to find and read content

We're improving our online experience so it's easier for you to find and read content

Improvements are being made in stages as we migrate content to This will have no impact on the information available to you. 

Check out our new Maintain accreditationGet accredited, Manage your accreditation and Support a teacher sections. More accreditation information is available on the existing NESA website.

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Annual fee

All NSW teachers pay an annual fee for their accreditation. The $100 fee is tax deductible and GST-free. Learn about payment, waivers and exemptions.



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How to manage your accreditation

Discover the options available for managing your accreditation, and how to pay your annual fee, or apply or renew your Working With Children Check (WWCC).

Leave of Absence

Teachers may be able to take leave from teaching and put their accreditation on hold. Discover how to action it in eTAMS, what you can do during this time and how to return to teaching.

Cancel your accreditation

You can apply to voluntarily cancel your accreditation if you no longer wish to teach in NSW. Follow the simple process.

Teacher suitability

NESA can revoke, suspend, or cease a teacher's accreditation. Find out why this may occur and how NESA manages notifications of misconduct or breaches to teaching requirements.

Non-practising accreditation

Eligible teachers who wish to stop teaching but remain accredited can easily change their status to non-practising. Find out why and how to do this, including how to return to teaching.

Working With Children Check

A current NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) for paid employment is a mandatory requirement for teacher accreditation. Understand how to apply for or renew your WWCC.

Seeking an internal review of NESA decisions

Teachers may request NESA to review a decision made about their teacher accreditation. Find out about the internal review processes.


Access NESA's online account (eTAMS) to update or make changes to your accreditation.



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