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Many employees in this small industry are located in NSW. Nearly half of the workers have a university degree and a third have a vocational qualification.

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About Information Media and Telecommunication

Information Media and Telecommunications is a small employing industry.  A large share of the workforce is based in cities. 

Businesses in this industry are mainly involved in activities like:

  • creating, enhancing, storing and distributing information products
  • transmitting information products using analogue and digital signals
  • operating the infrastructure to enable the transmission and storage of information and information products.

Many workers have a university qualification and around a quarter have a vocational education and training (VET) qualification. Many people in this industry work full-time hours. 

Source: Labour Market Insights, Jan 2024

Workforce share in Australia

Percentage of workers who have their main job in this industry. 

1.4 %
Employed in Australia

The number of people this industry employs in Australia. 

Industry growth in Australia

This is the projected amount this industry will grow by in Australia over the next 5 years. 

7.4 %

Source: Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA), Employment Projections, May 2023.

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Current and future employment in Australia

See how Australia's Information Media and Telecommunications industry is projected to grow by 15.3% over a 10-year period compared to an average Australian industry growth rate of 14.2%. 

Largest employing occupations

This table shows the top-10 occupations in Information Media and Telecommunications by employment numbers. 

Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors
Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters
Telecommunications Trades Workers
Journalists and Other Writers
ICT Managers
Telecommunications Engineering Professionals
Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers
Software and Applications Programmers
Performing Arts Technicians

Source: ABS Labour Force Survey, 2021

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