Strata Hub security and privacy

We have implemented multiple security measures to protect the identity of individuals, businesses and strata schemes.

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All strata schemes in NSW will need to report key information online each year.

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How is my information kept safe?

A range of security measures are in place to ensure no one accesses the information who shouldn't.

Some of these measures are below.

User authentication

We ask Strata Hub users to prove they are who they say they are, and have a legitimate reason to access the hub, before they are allowed in.

Examples include: 

  • multi-factor authentication
  • strong password protocols
  • captcha software
  • auto-disabling long-time dormant users
  • proof of identity through Service NSW
  • identity checking strata manager's licence number. 
Session management

We monitor the sessions our users have on the Strata Hub.

Examples of how we do this include: 

  • logging out a user after failed login attempts
  • logging out after extended inactive screen time.
Audit logs

We log the activity a user does on the Strata Hub. 

Examples of the activity we log include: 

  • requests to access strata scheme information
  • login/logout attempts
  • viewing or attempting to view scheme information
  • field level changes and any change of individual user's access.
Continuous improvement

We are always reviewing our processes and technologies.

We are proactively completing:

  • end-to-end testing to ensure the auditing processes are working properly
  • penetration security testing by cyber security experts during critical delivery phases
  • continuous upgrades of the platform used for strata scheme reporting to address potential new vulnerabilities.

Who will have access to the information?

Protection of Strata Hub information is our priority.


On the Strata search they can see:

  • number of lots
  • date the scheme was registered
  • map showing where the strata scheme is located

Coming soon they will have access to:

  • date of the last AGM
  • number of storeys above ground (for apartment buildings)
  • usage (e.g. residential, commercial or retirement village)
  • if a strata scheme is part of a larger community or precinct scheme.
People in the strata scheme

Coming soon, by registering to use the Strata Hub, people in a strata scheme will be able to see the following, once reported:

  • email address for the secretary and chairperson 
  • contact details for the strata manager and building manager (if any)
  • the date of issue for the latest annual fire safety statement 
  • whether the strata scheme has formed a strata renewal committee and the date it was established.
Government agencies

Coming soon, the date of the last annual fire safety statement and contact information of the secretary, strata manager and emergency services contact will be visible to Fire and Rescue and local councils. Police, Ambulance and the State Emergency Service can only see the emergency services contact's details.

Any other reported information will only be available to Fair Trading or other government agencies, where required. For example, the financial information that is reported. 

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