What to do when you've retired

This is a guide for people in NSW who've retired. It provides information about managing your money, housing, health and wellbeing plus work and volunteer options in retirement. 

After decades in the workforce comes the next life stage. Depending on your circumstances, it's when retirees get to decide how and where they'd like to spend their time.

One of the most important aspects of retirement is living within your means. You've earned your retirement - now make it last.

Whether you have a fixed income annuity, self-managed super scheme or you are relying on the full or part Age Pension, make sure you create and stick to a budget

This will enable you to make the most of all the other options to do in retirement, including:

How does your will shape up?

Now you've retired, it's even more important to ensure your will is valid and up to day.

Get your will retirement ready