Early Drug Diversion Initiative Easy Read Support and Feedback

This is an Easy Read fact sheet about the Early Drug Diversion Initiative (EDDI) support and feedback options.

Where can you get support?

Image of one person comforting another person whilst reading a sheet of paper

If you have a question, there are services that can help you.

Image of a person holding a folder showing the other person with a dollar sign icon

You can get: 

  • support with money.

Image of lawyer talking to a person sitting at a desk holding a document

You can get: 

  • legal support. 
Pictogram of dollar sign on a computer screen

Revenue NSW can also support you to pay fines.


Pictogram of one person comforting each other surrounded by drugs and alcohol

You can get support if you use alcohol or other drugs.

Pictogram of computer screen showing red heart and tick icon

You can find these services on the NSW Health website.


How can you give feedback?

Image of person in a thinking stance with thumbs up thumbs down icons

When you give feedback, you tell someone what they:

  • are doing well

  • can do better.

Person sitting at a laptop with a fine and dollar sign icons in a thought bubble

You can contact Revenue NSW to give feedback about fines on their website.


Image of person using an iPad with a medial professional icon in a thought bubble

You can contact NSW Health to give feedback about your phone call with a health professional on their website. 


Image of person typing on a laptop

You can contact the Department of Communities and Justice to give feedback about EDDI on their website.


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