Data visualisation components

Visualisation components to represent data or statistics using graphics and animations.


Advanced table – search and filter

A dynamic table that allows a website visitor to search, filter and browse for information in a tabular view.

Animated statistics block – large and small

The statistics block allows for up to 3 animated statistics to be displayed in a section.

Content statistics pictogram block

The statistics pictogram block allows for 1 statistic value to be displayed with an animated pictogram.

Parallax variations

The parallax option helps give movement to a page and provides highlight to key text or calls to action.

Ring statistics block

The ring block displays a single statistic as a % in the centre of an animated ring. 

Snake visualisation

The snake block allows up to 6 statistic values to display in a timeline/snake-like animation. 

Flourish data visualisations

Flourish is an online data visualisation platform that allows users to create visualisations such as charts and graphs. The Drupal CMS supports Flourish visualisations to be uploaded to the media library so the charts and graphs can be added to pages. 

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