Side navigation and in page navigation are two different ways to help users move through the website. Understand when to use each and how to add the component. 

About website navigation

Website navigation is important because it helps users find what they are looking for. It also helps search engines, like Google, understand and rank your website by establishing a connection between your web pages and the hierarchy of content. 

On both landing pages and standard pages, you can add navigational components. However, side navs and in-page navs are usually best suited to standard pages, while cards and link lists are usually designed for landing pages. 

Navigational components

Side navigation

The side nav is a menu component that is added to the right side of a web page to help users navigate a section of related pages. It is also known as the sidebar or section nav.

In page navigation

The In page nav is left aligned and uses anchor links to allow users to jump directly to specific sections within a single long web page. It makes it easier to find relevant information without scrolling through the entire page.


Cards give a brief summary of content and display information in an organised way, making it easier for the audience to find information. Cards are clickable and link to another single piece of content. They are frequently used on this website for navigation, although they can also be used to link to external content. 

Direct children as cards

On a standard page you can add the Custom block with the variant of Direct children as cards. This component displays child pages with their page title and summary inside a card and automatically updates with any changes. 

Link lists

Links (or hyperlinks) point the audience to another location. Internal page lists can be used as a site navigation tool or they can direct users to external websites or media files. You can configure link lists in many different styles. 

Other types of navigation

Other navigational elements that can be helpful for users and for search engines and SEO include the website mega menu, the sitemap, and the site search. These functions are managed by the team. 

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