Styling links

Find components to style your links, whether you need strong call-to-action buttons, or to display long lists of navigational links. 


A button should only be used when you want the audience to take action, for example, 'Apply now' or 'Register'.

Call to Action (sticky) button

The Call to Action (sticky) button displays to ensure the button is always visible as the audience scroll down the page.


Cards give a brief summary of content and display information in an organised way, making it easier for the audience to find information.

Custom block on standard page – dialog variation

A dialog presents on the page as a button, which when clicked opens a pop-up window with:

  • a title
  • body copy
  • a link
  • an optional legal disclaimer check box.

You can display the dialog button within a call out on the web page.

Custom block on standard page – direct children as cards variation

The Direct children as cards variant generates cards of any child pages. The cards' titles and summaries are automatically populated from the child pages. 

Sub-navigation links variant

The sub-navigation links list can only be used on landing pages in an edge-to-edge section. It contains a stylised listing of links to be used for site navigation.

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