Together we can do more: crossing borders to deliver for NSW

With the bold ambition to consolidate information from 500+ NSW Government websites into, the program team is adopting new ways of working. To build the best product for the people of NSW, we’re learning from governments around the world, collaborating with our state and federal colleagues, and co-designing with NSW Government agencies

The evolution of 

In 2019, an audit of NSW Government websites found more than 750 websites operating on 35 different content management systems. We are made up of many different agencies and clusters, but to the customer, we’re all one government. In this vein, the project aims to offer a one-stop-shop, designed with the customer needs at the centre. 

We relaunched the new in mid-April 2020 as a minimum viable product (MVP) and are continuing to build on the new platform. 

Collaboration is key 

Over the last year, we have worked collaboratively with NSW Government agencies, Victorian and Australian governments to understand users, share learnings and solve problems. 

To develop the consolidation strategy, we conducted research with governments in Canada, Estonia, and the UK, as well as running co-design workshops with digital leads across NSW Government. Interactive showcases during the development process allowed for agency input into our decision tree, content publishing models and approach to consolidation. 

A new cross-jurisdictional working group is being formed to:  

  • learn from our different strategic approaches 
  • share insights from interactions with our customers and stakeholders 
  • share best-practice improvements in customer experience, creating efficiencies in how we work   
  • transform the way we can solve problems for our customers   
  • find innovative solutions to complex problems. 

End game 

The program intends to enhance the customer experience across government. It is an exciting opportunity to change the way we approach services in NSW Government and put customers at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to leading new ways of working and living the government’s digital priorities to: 

  • Experiment and be bold, trying new ways of delivering. 
  • Support changing the way we think about ICT and digital. 
  • Whilst building on what we have, to enhance our digital presence. 

We have only just begun 

Through new networks, we are working together to transform the way governments connect with their customers. We are continuously working towards further developments and improvements on And we’d love to work with you. 

We hope that documenting our journey, what does and does not work and our learnings along the way will be of use to others. What would you like to know as we roll out the program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.   

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