Interstate or overseas vessels in NSW

Are you visiting or travelling through NSW waterways? Moving to NSW? What are the registration requirements for your boat or other vessel?

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Checklist for using NSW waterways

To use NSW waterways, you don't need NSW registration as long as your vessel:

  • is registered in another state, territory, or overseas
  • isn’t normally used on NSW navigable waters
  • hasn’t been in NSW more than 3 months
  • is properly numbered, and
  • carries an identification plate required by the vessel's home state, territory or country.

If you don't meet all these conditions, and your vessel is able to be registered in NSW, you must get NSW registration.

Unregistered vessels

It is an offence to drive an unregistered vessel in NSW.

What if there's no registration requirement in your home state, territory or overseas country?

Then the vessel must be registered in NSW, or another Australian state.

Please see checklist above, and How to register for more information.

Vessels in Australian registry

Vessels in the Australian registry are not exempt from NSW registration.

See the Checklist above, and How to register for more information.

Can you transfer registration from interstate or overseas?

If your vessel is registered interstate or overseas, and you'd like to register the vessel in NSW, you need to make a new application for NSW registration.  

Follow the steps on How to register a vessel in NSW.

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