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Ultra-light utility vehicle

Find out about conditional registration, acceptable uses and equipment requirements for ultra-light utility vehicles.

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What is an ultra-light utility vehicle

Different from a quad bike, a side-by-side vehicle (SSV) is usually sit-in. They have a steering wheel, seat belts, rollover protection and have a larger load capacity.

You need a Car (Class C) licence to drive an ultra-light utility vehicle.

Conditional registration for ultra-light utility vehicles


Ultra-light utility vehicle

Ultra-light utility vehicles need to be conditionally registered to be used on public roads and road-related areas.

Conditional registration gives you limited road access to perform specific functions.

You cannot get conditional registration if a vehicle that complies with the construction and equipment requirements of the Australian Design Rules can be used to perform the same function. See information about vehicle standards to see what standards apply.

Local government councils and their weed control contractors may also conditionally register ultra-light utility vehicles for weed spraying operations, only when they provide a letter stating:

  • the vehicle is approved for such operations by the manufacturer
  • the spray tank is compatible with the vehicle and will not destabilise it regardless of the percentage the spray tank is filled
  • when full, the combined weight of the spray tank, ancillary equipment and the operator will not exceed the vehicle’s maximum load limit as specified by the manufacturer
  • the vehicle configured with the spray tank and ancillary equipment will not be operated on slopes that exceed the manufacturer's specifications for such operations
  • the operator has undertaken accredited training in operating the vehicle.

Find out how to apply for conditional registration for an ultra-light utility vehicle.

Vehicle requirements

Ultra-light utility vehicles must meet all the following vehicle conditions to apply for conditional registration:

  • used mostly off-road or off-road related areas, but needs limited access to the road network, and
  • has limited mixing with general traffic on sealed roads, and
  • will be floated from site to site, unless a designated route or area of operation has been approved by Transport for NSW
  • Ultra-light utility vehicles must not be used on a road (or road related area) with a posted speed limit of 70Km/h and above, under any circumstances.

Rally use:

  • Some ultra-light utility vehicles (such as the Can Am Commander 1000X, Can Am Commander 1000XT, Can Am Commander 800R and Polaris RZR XP 900) may be issued an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) for rally use.

Acceptable uses of ultra-light utility vehicles

Ultra light utility vehicles cannot be conditionally registered for recreation use on the Stockton Beach Recreation Vehicle Area.

Ultra-light utility vehicles may be conditionally registered when used by:

  • primary producers for farming purposes
  • surf life saving clubs on their specific beach
  • livestock Health & Pest Authority work
  • NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, their approved lessees or contractors. If operating in national parks, use is restricted to specific areas approved by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Important - Speed limit condition SP40 ONLY applies on public roads, road related areas and NPWS roads.
  • Forests NSW, their approved lessees or contractors for forest management operations
  • Game Council NSW in State forests for operational purposes under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 or Forestry Act 1916. Use is restricted to specific areas approved by Forests NSW
  • Essential Energy for the delivery of electricity services within their network area when a complying vehicle cannot be used
    • note: for LO3 – Free text add: restricted to operating in the Essential Energy network area
    • note: for SP50 – Speed limited – this condition is only for vehicles registered to Essential Energy.

Conditions of use

The following minimum conditions apply to conditional registration:

  • LO3 - restricted to designated area/routes (specify the event for which the permit is issued).
  • LO99 - must be floated from site to site.
Condition Code    
Daylight / floodlit worksite use only
Not required if vehicle has headlights, tail and number plate lights
Restricted to designated areas / routes LO3 + free text    
OR farming purposes only (if CTP class is FARM) GO93    
Speed limited SP20    
OR Speed limited - applies only to vehicles registered to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service SP40    
OR speed limited – applies only to vehicles registered to Essential Energy SP50    
Flashing amber beacon required and used when vehicle moving SL1    
Weed spraying by (insert name) with speed limited to 40km/h (omit SP20) Free text for weed spraying    
Must not be used within 3m of the sealed/formed road, except for the purpose of crossing a road/loading/unloading Free text for weed spraying    

Equipment requirements

To receive conditional registration you must ensure that the following equipment requirements are met:

  • rear mudguards / flaps required only when used on road or road related areas
  • minimum of lap type seat belts required for all seating positions.
Equipment Daylight/floodlit use 24 hour use
Amber rotating beacon Yes Yes
Brake and turn lights Yes Yes
Headlights, tail and number plate lights No Yes
Rear reflectors Yes Yes
Rear and side reflective tape No No
Rear vision mirror(s) Yes Yes
Horn Yes Yes


All lamps and light emitting devices must be fitted as near as possible to the position specified in Schedule 2 of:

Transport for NSW office use

Code Type Code
Vehicle shape PUT / PTP
Compulsory Third Party insurance class

Note: If FARM or UFRM, a

Declaration of Eligibility for a Registration Concession (PDF, 292.37 KB) must be presented with the Application for Conditional Registration (PDF, 372.68 KB) .
Conditional registration - SVEH / FARM
Unregistered Vehicle Permit - UFRM / USVE
Registration usage Not applicable
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