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The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) allows skilled migrants to live, study and work in designated regional areas for a period of 5 years. 

Nomination criteria

You must meet all criteria in one of the following three nomination streams to be eligible for NSW nomination:

Stream 1 – I am living and working in Regional NSW

To be eligible under Stream 1 you must:

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on the Stream 1 combined occupation list

  • have been living and working in your nominated (or closely related) occupation in a designated regional area of NSW for the past twelve months for a minimum 20 hours per week

Stream 2 – I have recently completed study in Regional NSW

To be eligible under Stream 2 you must:

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on your preferred region's occupation list
  • have completed study in the past 24 months where:
    • you are eligible to claim points for 'study in regional Australia' on the basis of study in Regional NSW, and
    • your qualification is assessed as closely related to your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority
Stream 3 – I am skilled in an occupation required in Regional NSW

To be eligible under Stream 3 you must:

Nomination process

NSW nomination for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) is now by invitation only. To be nominated by NSW you must:

  1. Ensure you are eligible for the Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491)
  2. Complete an EOI in SkillSelect for an occupation available in your preferred NSW region
  3. Submit an ROI during a submission window – see below for details
  4. Be invited to apply
  5. Apply to the RDA office in your preferred region where your skills are required within 14 days of being invited by NSW
  6. Provide evidence with your application for all claims in your NSW ROI and SkillSelect EOI

How to register your interest in NSW nomination

You must register your interest (submit an ROI) with NSW during a submission window to be considered for nomination.

Submission windows

You can submit an ROI by completing our online form during a ‘submission window’.

Submission windows for the 2021-22 financial year are the months of August, October, January, and March.

You can only register you interest in NSW nomination once during a submission window, i.e. one ROI per person. This includes where you are skilled in more than one occupation.

NSW will select and invite candidates to apply to an RDA office during the submission window and up to seven days of a submission window closing. 

We cannot provide information about the 'status' of your ROI or the likelihood you will be invited to apply by contacting our office. 

If you are not invited to apply for nomination during a submission window, you must submit a new ROI in each later submission window you wish to be considered in.

Using our online form

When you register your interest you must:

  • have already submitted an EOI in SkillSelect — we use your SkillSelect EOI to obtain important information for selection including your name, occupation and contact email address
  • indicate which NSW region where your skills are needed you intend to apply to
  • select which nomination stream you are registering for — you can only apply under one stream, for one occupation, for one region

  • Make sure all information you enter is correct — particularly the dates you began living and working in regional NSW (if applicable).

    If you are invited to apply on the basis of misleading or false information, your application will be declined and you will be prevented from submitting a new ROI for a minimum period of twelve months. This ban will not be lifted for any reason. 

See our Common questions about skilled visas page for answers to a full list of our most commonly received questions. 

Important information

  • You may only submit one ROI per submission window. Submitting more than one ROI during a submission window – including for a different occupation or preferred region – will automatically remove you from consideration. 
  • ROIs cannot be amended or withdrawn after they are submitted for any reason. When you submit your ROI during the submission window does not affect your likelihood of being invited to apply. Do not submit your ROI early within the submission window if your circumstances are likely to change before then end of January.  
  • Do not submit an ROI if you do not intend to apply for nomination. If you are invited to apply for nomination, or have an application declined, you will become ineligible to submit a new ROI for a minimum period of 12 months.
  • Submitting an ROI under Stream 1 does not guarantee you will be invited to apply. Because of exceptionally high demand, many people eligible under Stream 1 will not be invited to apply. We strongly recommend all people submitting an ROI pursue all other migration pathways available to them and do not wait to be invited to apply. 
  • NSW will not prioritise your ROI for any reason. Do not contact our office seeking special consideration of your ROI.  

Participating regions

Alternative migration pathways

NSW nomination for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) is just one of a number of visa options for prospective skilled migrants.

There are a range of visas offered by Home Affairs, including both temporary and permanent employer nominated visas. You may also wish to seek advice from a registered migration agent

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