Department of Customer Service disclosure log

The disclosure log lists requests for access to information held by the Department of Customer Service.

Visit the Office of the Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government disclosure log for requests for access to information for the Minister.  

Logs for 2023-24
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
GIPA-00194-20248 May 2024Request for a list of all briefing notes sent to the Minister since 1 February 2024Access granted in part Email:
GIPA-00182-2024 2 May 2024Request for data held by Revenue NSW relating to penalty notice infringements issued for Bicycle Lane for 2019 to 2024Access granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00171-20249 April 2024Request for access to all parking fines issued by Northern Beaches Council during 2022 and 2023 showing the offence descriptionAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00169-20249 April 2024Request for a list of Youth Week event titles with the associated date and Council that were published on Youth Week Events in 2022 and 2023Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00719-202322 February 2024Request for statistics and data on parking fines issued by nine Sydney Councils from Revenue NSW Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00705-202318 January 2024Request for Revenue NSW statistics and data on parking fines for Liverpool Council areaAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00607-2023 29 November 2023Information about projects submitted under the NSW Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assurance Framework. Access granted in partEmail:
Logs for 2022-23
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
GIPA-00237-2023 8 June 2023
Data on the number of individuals and organisations in NSW that have enforceable debt with Revenue NSW due to unpaid fines.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00187-202310 May 2023Fare evasion data held by Revenue NSWAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00056-202328 Feb 2023Parking fine statistics for Bayside Council Access granted in full Email:
GIPA-00009-20237 February 2023Information regarding contract with Aurum Data.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00283-20227 February 2023Information regarding exemptions from land tax for boarding houses.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00226-202222 December 2022Records regarding payroll tax requirements for general practitioners.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00180-202228 November 2022Request for number of and cost of media expenditure and advertisement buys.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00126-202219 October 2022
Data regarding the total amount of stamp duty revenue collected by the NSW Government in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 financial years. Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00129-202218 October 2022Data regarding infringements issued by Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council between financial years 2017-2018 and 2021-22.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-00113-202210 October 2022Email correspondence for a media enquiry regarding change of name data.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00086-2022 21 September 2022Data on fines issued by The University of Sydney under the Fines Act. Access granted in full 


GIPA-00036-202220 September 2022Reports, briefing notes or summaries of research provided to the NSW Government to support its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPA-00031-202217 August 2022Garnishee data for financial years 2020/21 and 2021/22. Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR22/1865 July 2022Information provided by Co.As.It. and Actors Centre Australia to the Minister for Customer Service, regarding the Italian Forum.Access granted in part 
GIPR22/146   27 June 2022 Drivers caught on mobile phone detection cameras between Jan 2021 and April 18 2022 on the M1 Pacific Motorway between Hornsby and Beresford.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPA-2022/00778614 June 2022Data regarding number of visits to the  Safework websites 2018-2021 inclusive.Access granted in full
Information available
Logs for 2021-22
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
 GIPR22/1009 May 2022Fines information regarding the mobile speed camera at Morrison Rd Gladesville.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPR22/1206 May 2022Records of Tollway costs incurred by government vehicles.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR22/11328 April 2022Number of COVID-19 Service NSW check-ins and business registration, and daily and cumulative downloads of the NSW Services App to 1 April 2022. Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR22/8420 April 2022Media statement and emails regarding Bourke Multi-Purpose ServiceAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR22/211 April 2022Revenue NSW debt data for financial year 2020/21.Access granted in part Email:
GIPR21/55411 Feb 2022Data in relation to Revenue NSW fines, debts and debtors for financial years 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.Access granted in full Email:
GIPR21/46110 Nov 2021Number and value of infringements/fines from Police-issued and camera-detected speeding offences where outcome of the Requests for Reviews is Caution, Not Actioned/Withdrawn or Refunded for financial years 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21. Access granted in fullEmail:

8 Nov 2021

Breakdown by suburb and LGA of the total number of individual COVID-19 offences and penalty notices issued by Revenue NSW for 2020/21 and 2021/22. Access granted in partEmail:
GIPR21/4784 Nov 2021

Passenger Service Levy data and the yearly breakdown between taxi service providers and booking service (i.e. rideshare) providers, starting April 2018.

Access granted in full



GIPR21/3908 Sep 2021Numbers of state debt and fines debt once the matters have become past due.Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR21/32726 Aug 2021Data about point to point speed camera zones in NSW between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020.InformalEmail:


23 July 2021Total value of Service NSW Dine and Discover Voucher redeemed from February 2021 to June 2021.Informal Email:
GIPR21/201 24 May 2021Number of COVID-19 Service NSW check-ins plus dependants from 12 August 2020 to 9 May 2021 and the number of business registrations per day from 18 August 2020 to 9 May 2021.Access granted in full. Email:
GIPR21/27821 July 2021Information about unpaid hotel quarantine fees.Access granted in full, Information not heldEmail:


Logs for 2020-21
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
GIPR21/20718 June 2021Submission lodged by the Kosciuszko Committee to Geographical Names Board in relation to the then name of Mount KosciuskoAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR21/1973 June 2021Access to the file GNB 5022 for Mount Du Faur held by the Geographical Names Board on the discovery and naming of Mount Kosciuszko and adjacent mountainsAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR21/22925 May 2021Materials in regards to Heavy Traffic IndexAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR21/12911 May 2021Information about the surcharge purchaser duty (SPD) and of primary residence purchasesAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR21/15121 April 2021Information on payments of bicycle penalties from 2016 to 2020 broken down by statusAccess granted in fullEmail:
2021/00287829 March 2021The number of work-related fatalities and work related serious injuries reported to SafeWork NSW by the NSW Police Force and Corrective Services and other custodial facilities (2018- 2020)Access granted in fullEmail: 
GIPR21/835 March 2021COVID-19 Fines collected by Revenue NSWAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR21/4516 February 2021Data around hotel quarantineAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR21/315 February 2021Data for calendar years 2019 and 2020 regarding bicycle related penalty notices
Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/65520 January 2021Data on fixed speed camera fines in SydneyAccess granted in full Email:
GIPR20/65420 January 2021Merchant fees recovered by Revenue NSW in 19/20 financial yearAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/64623 December 2020Speed camera data -19/20 financial yearAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/393-316 December 2020Transfer duty in NSW from 17-18 to 19-20 financial years.Access granted in fullEmail:
2020/01605715 December 2020Number of Real Estate agents fined, complaints lodged, convicted and prosecuted for underquoting each year since new rules began in January 2016Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/63211 December 2020Smoking fines data 19/20Access granted in fullEmail:  
GIPR20/594 20 November 2020Data around penalties for driving unregistered vehicles in 19/20 financial yearAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/55020 November 2020Penalty Notices for parking offences issued by Councils and NSW Police (by LAC) - 2019-20 financial yearAccess granted in fullEmail: 
GIPR20/56817 November 2020Summary of outstanding hotel quarantine charges relating to individuals who have not paid. From 18 July 2020 to current.Access granted in fullEmail: 
GIPR20/58110 November 2020NSW Land Tax and Stamp Duty revenue by LGA for 2019-2020 financial year.Access granted in fullEmail: 
GIPR20/5385 November 2020Statistics relating to overdue fines, registrations and licence suspensionsAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/45416 September 2020Risk assessment Service NSW undertook in relation to a decision to require driving testers to wear a mask while working.  
GIPR20/47715 September 2020Penalty notice reviews and outcomes between August 2018 and 30 July 2020Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/36521 August 2020Outstanding and overdue penalty notices issued between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2019 Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/390 12 August 2020Parking fines issued since November 2019Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/2866 August 2020Details relating to the contract awarded to Orana Commercial Relocation Pty LtdAccess granted in part Email: 
GIPR20/2856 August 2020  A list of uniforms being provided by "The Workwear Group Pty Ltd" to the department in relation to the contract awarded.Access granted in partEmail:
GIPR20/2877 July 2020Correspondence with ClubsNSW regarding COVID-19 related closures of gaming and liquor venuesAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR20/2907 July 2020Correspondence with Australian Hotels Association regarding COVID-19 related closures of gaming and liquor venuesAccess granted in partEmail:
Logs for 2019-20
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
GIPR20/22729 May 2020Value of fines debt by categoryAccess granted in fullEmail:
2020/0085847 May 2020COVID related enquiries received by SafeWork NSWAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR20/15024 April 2020Correspondence regarding cladding at 257 Clarence Street SydneyAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR20/1647 April 2020Documents relating to drivers fines for driving in transit lanes each year for the past two calendar years since January 1 2018 to 5 March 2020Access granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/11918 March 2020List of underquoting complaintsAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/124 March 2020Independent report for Building Commissioner on Mascot TowersAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR20/743 March 2020Penalty notices issued to individuals (not businesses) under Tattoo legislation in NSW Available on requestEmail:
GIPR19/44521 February 2020Documents relating to the contract to deliver the Park'nPay applicationAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR20/3412 February 2020Value of unclaimed monies lodged with Revenue NSW.Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR20/165 February 2020Evaluations of NSW Government's Betiquette campaign and how much it costAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR20/145 February 2020Information regarding the Office of Responsible Gambling’s - You’re Stronger Than You Think campaignAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/45810 January 2020Images of motorists driving in bus lanesAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR19/48320 December 2019Building approvals Subsidence Advisory NSW processed in the Bargo mine district between 2017-2019Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/45920 December 2019Generated revenue in the Riverina area for 2018-19Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/46819 December 2019Documents held by the Revenue NSW which relate to remissions of interest and penalties for payroll taxpayersAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR19/46318 December 2019Digital strategy implementation plansAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/43010 December 2019Parking fines issued from July 2017Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/42826 November 2019NSW parking fines by postcode for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 financial yearsAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/42729 November 2019Data on smoking offences by type for 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial yearsAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/39128 November 2019Data regarding Penalty Notices and Enforcement CostsAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR019/01627311 November 2019Workplace Health and Safety Breaches involving Theme Parks, Carnivals and RidesAccess granted in partEmail:
GIPR19/39231 October 2019NSW Land Tax and Stamp Duty revenue by LGAAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR19/38631 October 2019Copy of the Trade Promotion Lotteries and Games of Chance Lotteries Register for the period 1 January 2004 to current date, held in GLS database system.Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/01574528 October 2019SafeWork NSW Inspections statistics- carried out in previous 10 yearsAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR19/40328 October 2019Speeding infringements detected using fixed and mobile speed cameras in NSW in the 2018-19 financial year and images of the top 10Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/31525 October 2019Information relating to mining subsidence readings and reports in Tahmoor NSWAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/35311 October 2019Revenue NSW stats on penalty noticesAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/36320 September 2019RMS Statistics of Camera Infringements Successfully EnforcedAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/25220 September 2019Information held by Subsidence Advisory NSW regarding development at Mosbri Crescent, NewcastleAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR19/30726 September 2019Since 1 January 2019, how many development applications did Subsidence Advisory Approve for each of the suburbs in the Bargo and Picton mine subsidence districts?Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/31110 September 20192017/18 and 2018/19 statistics for the offence of ride bicycle not wearing an approved helmet properly fitted or fastened.Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/25530 August 2019Mobile phone offences by drivers Jan 2018 to Jun 2019Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/26429 August 2019Correspondence from NSW Cladding Taskforce to building owners and residentsAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/23816 August 2019Penalty Notices for parking offences issued by Councils and NSW PoliceAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/2568 August 2019Stamp Duty Revenue by Postcode (2017/18 and 2018/19)Access granted in fullEmail: 
GIPR19/2496 August 2019Camera detected red-light offences - Haymarket and Greater Sydney locations - 1 Jan 19 to 30 Jun 19Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/20611 July 2019Organisations that have received an Art Union permit in the last three financial yearsAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/18211 July 2019Revenue NSW MP HotlineAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/1929 July 2019The Pricing Project - decision to restrict access to the Update Price API within the FuelAPI to single entities having 20 or more sitesAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR19/1651 July 2019Use of E10 in Government vehiclesAccess granted in fullDownload information
Logs for 2018-19
GIPA ReferenceDate of DecisionDescriptionType of releaseInformation available
N/A8 November 2019Release by the Office of the Minister for Customer Service - correspondence relating to the Lake Macquarie former smelter site. Access not grantedEmail:
N/A29 August 2019Release by the Office of the Minister for Customer Service - correspondence relating to Crown Sydney.Access granted in partEmail:
N/A27 June 2019Release by the Office of the Minister for Customer Service - correspondence between the Minister and the then Minister for Planning and the Greater Sydney Commission - planning issues in RydeAccess granted in fullEmail:
N/A27 June 2019Release by the Office of the Minister for Customer Service - Correspondence between the Hon Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service and Beth Dominello - PEXAAccess granted in fullEmail:
GIPR19/6924 June 2019Development consents from 1993 to 1998 relating to 9-13 Hay Street (Market City)Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/1593 June 2019Bicycle related penalty notices issued by NSW Police from 01-Jan-2014 to 31-Dec-2018Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/17627 May 2019Penalty notices issued by speed camera on Pacific Highway on December 7, 14 and 21 2018Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/14217 May 2019Submissions for TfNSW proposed name Juniors Kingsford stop on Eastern Suburbs Light RailAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/5517 May 2019Transfer of Government AssetsInformation not heldDownload information
GIPR19/6513 March 2019Subsidence Advisory report into urban development and longwall mining at TahmoorAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR19/712 March 2019LPG Cabinet HeatersAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR19/2919 February 2019Speeding offences data for 2017/18 to-date - Police issued and RMS Fixed Digital CamerasAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/2265 February 2019Surveys and polls undertaken by DFSI from 1 Jan 2018 to 29 Nov 2018Access granted in partDownload information
GIPR19/24 February 2019Building defects complaint data 2018Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR18/24314 January 2019NSW Land Tax Surcharge as at 8 January 2019Access granted in fullDownload information
GIPR18/21121 December 2018Government property bought and sold in the Charlestown electorateAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR18/64-220 December 2018Statistical information about workers compensation claims by NSW teachersAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/1527 December 2018Monthly Fuel Expenses and number of vehicles by NSW Government clustersAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR18/15523 November 2018List of details relating to traffic infringements involving drivers of Commonwealth Government cars (ComCars) from 1 Jan 2017 to 23 Nov 2018Access granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/13030 October 2018List of contracts with Commtract Communications ServicesAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/6918 October 2018Australian Vaccination-risks Network (formerly Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network) - Inquiry Report and correspondenceAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/13416 October 2018Payroll Tax and Salaries Payments by NSW BusinessesAccess granted in fullDownload information
GIPR18/8520 April 2021List of land lease communities by postcodeAccess granted in fullDownload information
N/A24 September 2018Smoking in non-permissible locations 2016/17 and 2017/18N/ADownload information
GIPR18/1019 September 2018Fair Trading CustomersAccess granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/3729 August 2018Motor Dealer & Repairer's Act: All penalty notices s16(1) & s.100(5) as at 6 August 2018Access granted in partDownload information
GIPR18/316 August 2018Top 100 streets for parking penalties in the Hunter Region in FY2016-17 and FY2017-18Access granted in fullDownload information

Our disclosure log is a record of information that the Department of Customer Service has released, often in response to a specific request from an individual or organisation, that we think could also be of interest to other members of the public.

It sets out the date the decision was made to release the information; a description of the information released; and details about whether that information is currently available and how it can be accessed.

This log is continuously updated as additional information is released under the GIPA Act.

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