Register of government contracts

All contracts the Department of Customer Service enters into with the private sector valued over $150,000 are required to be recorded in the register of government contracts.

The contracts are published on the Government tender's website.

Details of each contract must be entered into the register within 45 working days of coming into effect, and must remain on the register for 20 working days or until the contract is complete, whichever is longer.

The Government tender’s website also provides details of current tender opportunities in accordance with Premiers Memorandum 2007-01.

The contracts and tenders currently registered with respect to the Department of Customer Service (DCS) are disclosed on the Government tender's website.

Class 3 contracts

Contracts which are larger than $5m can be class 3 contracts with an increased level of disclosure.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA) requires the publication of a copy of the contract document (minus commercial-in-confidence content) for all ‘class 3’ contracts on the department's website.

Copies of the class 3 contracts entered into by the Department of Customer Service (DCS) can be found on this page. See also disclosure details for these contracts on the Department's eTendering website

Please note that agencies are not required to publish the following information in their contracts register:

  • commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract;
  • details of an unsuccessful tender;
  • any matter that could affect public safety or security; 
  • any information for which there is an overriding public interest against disclosure.

Commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract means any provisions of the contract that disclose: 

  • the contractor’s financing arrangements;
  • the contractor’s cost structure or profit margins;
  • the contractor’s full base case financial model;
  • any intellectual property in which the contractor has an interest; 
  • any matter the disclosure of which would place the contractor at a substantial commercial disadvantage in relation to other contractors or potential contractors, whether at present or in the future.
Contract IDContract titleContract start dateName of service provider
SNSW/13158 (PDF 2.44MB)Observability and SIEM Platform30/11/2023 JDS Australia 
TELCO/TEL-7933 (PDF 428.35KB)NSW Telco Authority - Project controls functionality for Major Telecommunication Projects27/09/2023PROJECT MANAGEMENT PARTNERS PTY LTD
CSD/20871 (PDF 1.72MB)SailPoint Identity and Access Management Software Licenses10/09/2023BAIDAM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
CSD/17058 (PDF 1.03MB)KellyOCG as the DCS Managed Service Provider (MSP)01/07/2023KELLY OUTSOURCING CONSULTING GROUP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
DICT/9842 (PDF 3.23MB)Managed hosting and development services for PTY LTD
DICT/3497 (PDF 3.12MB)GTP-2318 | PCI-IVR Solution & Carrier | CloudWave Pty Ltd01/09/2022CLOUDWAVE PTY LTD
DICT/7168 (PDF 2.15MB)Knowledge Management System22/06/2022CUSTOMER DRIVEN SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
DICT/11517 (PDF 2.7MB)Amazon Web Services for Cloud Services (AWS)01/06/2022AMAZON WEB SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
DICT/6201 (PDF 3.95MB)Digital birth certificate28/03/2022THOUGHTWORKS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
DICT/8636 (PDF 2.59MB)Renewal of ServiceNow Licenses contract15/03/2022SERVICENOW AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
DICT/9374Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Products and Support Services10/12/2021SAP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
18/62096 (PDF 16.87MB)Customer Service/GRN Operate and Maintain Services07/09/2021BAI COMMUNICATIONS PTY LTD
TELCO/6942 (PDF 1.21MB)CatalystOne 38 Sites Jul 2021 SAED under MSA ITS 257303/08/2021CATALYST ONE PTY LTD
CSD/7311 (PDF 1.29MB)Managing Contractor Agreement27/07/2021HANSEN YUNCKEN
DICT/CNTR0011088 (PDF 6.63MB)Microsoft EA and SCE Renewal - 3 Years01/06/2021DATA#3 LIMITED
DICT/527 (PDF 7.78MB)Building Assurance Solution19/05/2021KPMG
DICT/1999/2020 (PDF 7.38MB)Genesys Laboratories Australasia Pty Ltd - DCS Telephony22/01/2021GENESYS LABORATORIES AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
TELCO/con_7733 (PDF 2.34MB)Motorola Equipment Support01/01/2021MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
DICT/690368 (PDF 3.64MB)Outbound Customer Correspondence Management Contract01/12/2020COMPUTERSHARE COMMUNICATION SERVICES PTY LTD
GCS/657073 (PDF 15.2MB)End User Computing Services13/07/2020DATACOM SYSTEMS (AU) PTY LTD
BRD/22603 (PDF 2.45MB)Lease 107-111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW and car parking licence01/05/2020TANERT PTY LTD
DICT/8709 (PDF 5.62MB)AMS Support Contract01/11/2019CAPGEMINI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
CSD/12386 (PDF 8.03MB)MuleSoft Software 2021/202229/06/2017MULESOFT LLC
CSD/13260 (PDF 934.76KB)Enterprise Transition Agreement (ETA)01/06/2015INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
DICT/6253 (PDF 18.65MB)Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Services26/03/2008SAP AUSTRALIA PTY LTD


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