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Our free Direct Practical Coaching program will help your business or not-for-profit create a mentally healthy workplace.

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This program does not provide emergency support or mental health counselling. Contact a mental health support service instead.


Get free mental health coaching to help your business create a mentally healthy workplace. 

This service focuses on providing you hands-on guidance to help you make changes in your workplace. Transitioning Well have partnered with the NSW Government to deliver this initiative. 

Our coaches can help you with:

  • how to address specific mental health at work topics
  • how to create a mentally healthy workplace
  • where to get tools and resources
  • referrals to other support 

This program is free.


Your business is eligible if it is:

  • a NSW business with 1 to 200 employees  
  • a not-for-profit organisation of any size

How coaching is provided

It’s your choice: 

  • up to four hours of coaching appointments delivered online or over the phone.
  • at a time that suits you, six days a week from 8am to 6pm.

What I will learn

Our coaches will work with you on any topic or issue that can impact mental health in your workplace.

They will help you create practical solutions that are tailored to your needs such as.

  • strategies to manage work-related issues including bullying, stress or change
  • how to act early, communicate effectively and reduce mental health stigma
  • flexibility, role clarity and setting expectations that can improve workplace culture
  • how to lead change and involve others.

Questions about the coaching

If you have any questions before applying, use our contact us form. We’ll get back to you within two working days.

Do not use this form to apply for a program.

How to register

Signing up is easy.

Register and one of our coaches will be in contact at a time that suits you.

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