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Our free 'Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace' training is for employers and executive leaders who want to learn practical strategies to provide a safe working environment, meet your WHS obligations, boost productivity and save your business money.

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Creating a mentally healthy workplace is good for your people and good for business. See other benefits.

The training will help you understand the legal, financial, ethical and reputational benefits of a psychologically safe business.

You will learn how to design safe workplaces and how to integrate mental health into all areas of your business, which will increase productivity and save you money. 

This easy-to-do training is delivered by an expert psychologist from Black Dog Institute.

This training is free.


You’re eligible if you’re an owner or employer of:

  • a NSW business with less than 200 employees
  • a not-for-profit organisation of any size

What I will learn

The training only takes one hour and will give your business a competitive edge.

You will learn:

  • your legal responsibilities as an employer  
  • strategies to support mental health at work and how to embed them into your business 
  • how to design healthier workplaces, procedures, job roles and responsibilities

How training is provided

Interactive workshop:

  • only takes one hour
  • is delivered online via Zoom or face to face at your business by a clinical psychologist 

Questions about the training

If you have any questions before applying, use our contact us form. We’ll get back to you within two working days.

Do not use this form to apply for a program.

How to book

Signing up is easy.

Book now and Black Dog Institute will be in contact.

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